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Womens Car Insurance: How “Sex” Plays a Role In Determining Rates

Womens car insurance is an especially hot topic due to the fact that the variable “sex” goes into every decision that auto insurance companies make about the risk of their customers. Women, on average, tend to pose less risk to auto insurance companies in comparison to men. Most data collected by insurers, points to the fact that men tend to get into more violent crashes than women, which results in a lower overall cost of insurance for women to pay for their vehicles. If you are a man, you may think that this is completely unfair that “sex” gets factored into the price that is charged, but there are also other factors. In some cases, men actually end up paying less than women, but on average, it is usually easier to get cheap womens car insurance than it is to get a low rate for men.

Why Is Womens Car Insurance Cheaper?

Car insurance companies are constantly collecting data about driving accident statistics. The reason that they collect this data is so that they can determine who their riskier customers are. Knowing the risk helps because riskier drivers tend to get paid more money from their insurance companies for damages that they are involved in. Since insurers know who they pay out the most money to (based on age, sex, driving history, etc.) they can accurately decide which customers should pay more for their insurance and which should pay less. If you are paying a high rate on your auto insurance, chances are that you are perceived as being a high risk driver compared to others.

Women less dangerous than men

Believe it or not, the data collected throughout history demonstrates that women are naturally safer on the road than men. This is mostly due to the fact that young male drivers tend to have the highest accident rate with the most damages caused in comparison to any other group on the road; by young males, I’m referring to 18 to 25 year olds. Even though there have been cases where men have made jokes about women being poor drivers, statistics seem to indicate otherwise. If women were involved in more accidents than men, they would be the ones that would be charged more money for their car insurance in comparison to men.

Women seem to be more ready for the road

Another finding from data collected was that women drivers tend to pass their drivers test on the very first try more often than men. This means that more men are initially not as prepared to operate their vehicle as women. Now, this does not mean that all women are better drivers than men; that would be a huge stereotype. Certain men are likely better than certain women at driving and vice versa. What car insurance companies look at is groups of people that they are insuring. If you are a middle aged woman, you are paired with other middle aged women and will likely be offered a very reasonable rate for your insurance.

Getting Cheaper Insurance

If you are a woman and are looking to get the cheapest womens car insurance available, then you will want to do your research. There are plenty of places online that will allow you to read car insurance reviews as well as gather quotes. It will be helpful to research as many companies as possible to find out which ones provide the best policy for the amount of money that they charge on premiums. Obviously there will be a number of different factors besides being a “woman” that will be analyzed by insurance companies including: your driving history, the type of car that you are driving, your age, and the type of auto insurance that you are looking to purchase. For example, if you are going to get a used car insurance policy, it is going to be cheaper than one for a brand new vehicle; you will pay less on average than a woman that just got a brand new Mercedes.

Factors Determining Womens Car Insurance Prices

There are other factors besides “sex” that go into the amount of money that people pay for their auto insurance policies. It is important to be aware of these so that you do not assume that just because you are a woman [and statistics indicate that women are safer on average] that you are going to get the lowest rate available. There are other plenty of other things that insurers will take a look at and these factors may further increase your risk as a driver; thus resulting in more money being charged on your premium payments.

Age of the driver

The age of drivers are always going to be looked at closely by insurers because if you are in the 18 to 25 year old age bracket, you are going to be charged more than other age groups, regardless of your sex. Obviously young male drivers are going to pay more money in comparison to car insurance for young women drivers due to the fact that they are a riskier sub-group within age. First time insurance prices are always greater than getting insurance for experienced drivers. With that said, car insurance for older drivers (e.g. aged 65+) also seems to be higher than middle aged drivers due to the declines that accompany aging.

Type of vehicle insured

Women driving around in a new Acura RSX are going to pay more to insure it than someone driving around in an old 1986 Oldsmobile. The make and model of vehicle being insured play a role because some vehicles are more prone to damage than others. Additionally, some are more expensive to get repairs for in the event of an accident and some are stolen more often than others. All of these factors are analyzed for both women and men drivers.

Type of insurance policy

Do you want a comprehensive car insurance policy or are you content with a standard one? People that are paying for additional protection from things like vandalism, theft, and fires may need to get a comprehensive policy for full coverage. In this case, the cost of premiums are going to be significantly higher than they would be for a standard policy. If you are a woman getting a comprehensive policy, expect to pay additional money.

Location of driver

If you live in a very busy city or state, you can expect to pay more for your coverage no matter what your “sex” is. Women that live in New York City and drive frequently are going to pay more (on average) than men in smaller communities with less busy streets. The location in which you are getting insured definitely plays a role in determining what the overall price will be and whether you will be able to get a low rate on your policy.

Driving record and history

Obviously if you are a woman and you have gotten a lot of speeding tickets and had your fair share of legal problems while driving, you will probably not get as good of an insurance rate as a man that has a clean driving record without any history of violations. Do not assume that just because you are a woman that you will automatically pay less for your car insurance than men of your same age. If you have gotten into trouble with the law, you are viewed as being riskier and therefore, you are going to pay for your increased risk.

Womens Car Insurance Companies

In order to find good womens auto insurance companies to work with for an insurance policy, make sure that you do research and take the time to gather quotes. When getting womens car insurance quotes, make sure that you compare them based on the amount of coverage offered; not just the total price. There are also some companies on the internet that specialize in providing cheap rates for women. If you think that it would be in your best interest to do business with a specialist company, then make sure that they are not a fake company and that they have a sound business model with adequate coverage.

You can gather every womens car insurance quote that you want, but if you don’t get your coverage through a reliable auto insurance company, you may be disappointed in their services in the event of an accident. Always make sure that you have carefully weighed your options before buying coverage and think about your decision to buy through a certain company. If you are happy with the insurance price that you are offered as well as the company’s policy, then getting coverage as a woman driver should be relatively easy.

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