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Will My Car Insurance Policy Cover Stolen Rims And Tires?

For individuals that enjoy customizing their vehicles, it is very common to have custom rims as well as customized tires added. Most people add bigger rims because they want their vehicle to look upscale and luxurious. Anytime you add new rims (whether they are 22 inch, 24 inch, or 26 inches), you also need to add bigger tires to fit around those rims. Although having big rims can be pretty expensive, the tires can be costly as well. Why? Because anytime you are purchasing tires that are substantially bigger from the norm (e.g. need customization), you will be expected to pay a significantly greater amount.

In bigger cities, many gangs and hustlers target high priced vehicles in order to steal parts. They will often have toolkits that allow them to strip the most expensive parts off of a car within minutes. If they are working with an entire team, your rims and tires could be missing by the time you get out of the grocery store from 15 minutes worth of shopping. Since the theft rate is fairly high in certain areas of large high-crime cities (i.e. Detroit, Michigan), it is important to have the appropriate type of insurance in case your rims are stolen – or in street slang, “jacked.”

Do you have comprehensive coverage?

If you have a fully comprehensive cover, you will likely be insured.

In the event that you get customized rims and tires, and both end up being stolen, it is important to make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage. There are certain types of insurance policies that will NOT provide protection for stolen rims and tires. If you do not have comprehensive car insurance a.k.a. insurance for anything other than collisions including: animal damage, Acts of God, weather damage, fires, theft, and vandalism – then you probably aren’t going to get reimbursed for stolen rims and tires. However, if you know with 100% certainty that you paid for a fully comprehensive policy, you should be able to get full compensation for replacement rims and tires.

What if you don’t have comprehensive insurance?

If you declined to get comprehensive insurance for your vehicle, it is highly unlikely that you will be reimbursed for stolen rims and tires. The basic car insurance requirements for your state will generally only cover you for liability and property damage in an accident but will NOT cover you when items are stolen from your vehicle. Really the only way to get reimbursed from any theft is by purchasing the right coverage – in this case you need comprehensive.

How to get reimbursed for stolen rims and tires

If you know that you purchased the right type of policy to get reimbursed for any theft, you will need to do a few things before you collect money for replacement rims and tires. The process is pretty simple if you are working with a quality insurance company. If you think your insurance company isn’t very good, it is recommended to use the tool at the top of the page to enter your zip code for free quotes and an insurance analysis.

1. File a police report – As soon as your rims and tires are stolen, you will want to make sure that you file a police report. The police will be on the lookout for any criminals with stolen rims. Additionally, your insurance company will need to review the police report before they issue you insurance money on your claim. So make sure the first thing you do is call the police and report the problem.

2. File an insurance claim – The next step in the process of getting your tires and rims replaced is to file a car insurance claim. Most companies will allow you to file the claim either online, in-person at an office, or via phone. Filing a detailed claim telling your insurance company exactly what happened regarding the theft is extremely important.

3. Proof of purchase – If you still have the receipts or can find a way to show proof of purchase for your rims, it is important. Your insurance company may need this information so that they can properly reimburse you for the customized rims. Most people show their receipts and payment information with their insurers immediately after buying new rims because if they lose it, they’ll already have had it on file. If you have rims customized, insurance companies need to know how much you were charged so that they give you the appropriate amount. In this case a receipt will always help.

Why is it so expensive to insure customized cars and custom parts?

The reason that insuring customized vehicles is more expensive than average is because the cost to replace such vehicles is greater for insurance companies. So anytime you get into an accident with a customized car, the cost to replace damaged accessories is going to be significantly more in comparison to a standard vehicle. When we start talking about rims and tires, generally the bigger the size of the rim as well as the type of metal it was made from will determine the value.

If you have 26 inch rims on your Cadillac Escalade, you also have to buy even bigger tires to accommodate for the large rims. You may also need to have customization work done so that they fit on your vehicle. All of this comes at an expensive price – especially when replacement work needs to be done. Your insurance company knows the value of your vehicle and will adjust your insurance price accordingly.

What if my entire car is stolen with customized parts?

Anytime your car is stolen, you had better hope that you purchased comprehensive insurance. If you didn’t buy comprehensive coverage – which reimburses you if your vehicle is stolen – you are out of luck. It may seem unfair, but that’s the way it works – if you wanted more coverage, you could have purchased it in advance. That’s why it is extremely important to make sure that you aren’t settling for coverage that isn’t up to your standards.

I recommend that every vehicle owner with customized parts not even think twice about getting a comprehensive insurance policy. If you are spending money on customized rims and large tires, you had better make sure that if they do get stolen, that you don’t have to pay in full (out of your own pocket) to replace them. For a quick comprehensive insurance quote comparison from all of the leading insurers, simply enter your zip code into the quote form at the top of the page!

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