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Will Getting a Formal Warning from a Police Officer Increase My Car Insurance Rates?

Will getting a warning from a police officer have an impact on your car insurance rates a.k.a my premiums? Can your insurance company raise your monthly car insurance payments because you got a warning? The truth is that although you may feel somewhat nervous when you get a warning, they generally do not have any influence on raising your rates. The reason that your rates will not go up after a warning is because they do not issue a formal citation for your vehicle.

Since there is no formal citation, your insurance company will have no way of knowing that you even got pulled over – let alone warned. Only in the event that you do get a driving offense could your rates be raised. In order for anything to majorly affect your premiums, it must first be documented by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If there is no documentation you generally should not stress yourself out over a warning.

Is there any way that my insurance company could find out about my warning?

Is your warning included in the DMV database?

As I already mentioned, they would have to see that you were issued a warning through the Department of Motor Vehicles database. These are filed under your name and show exactly what type of offense you committed. If you are curious to find out everything that is listed under your driving record, you can contact the DMV. They should be able to either give you the information regarding any warnings, tickets, and violations under your name.

Check with the DMV to find out the specifics

If you do a thorough check with the DMV and find out that there are in fact some warnings listed under your name, you still probably shouldn’t panic. The next step you can take is to contact your insurance company and ask whether warnings impact your rates. Although not all insurers operate with the same fundamental system and values, most will not increase the cost of your premiums just because you got a warning or two. The only time you really should have anything to worry about is if you get issued a citation.

What if I was issued a written warning from a police officer?

Instead of contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles, you could also check your legal record online if that is more convenient. After you’ve gotten a written warning, the last thing you should do is stress out about whether your payments will go up at the end of the month. The best thing to do is to stay level headed and keep in mind that nothing is probably going to happen with your insurance. Most drivers (at one point or another) have been issued a warning – it’s pretty much inevitable if you are having a bad day.

Wait… then consider contacting your insurance company

After 30 days or so, you could call your insurance company and ask them whether they raise rates for warnings. Most of them will say that they don’t factor in a warning into premiums – even if they are able to find it on record. If you notice that your rates increase after your warning, it may be smart to call up your insurer and ask why your premiums were adjusted.

What if you get multiple speeding tickets and warnings?

Tickets are something to worry about

Anytime you get a speeding ticket, you do have something to worry about in terms of insurance. When citations are issued, your average monthly car insurance cost may increase due to the fact that you got into some trouble. Each time you get a ticket, it shows your insurance company that you were caught in the act of doing something illegal – speeding. With that said, one ticket probably will not even do too much harm in terms of raising your premiums.

Do your best to avoid tickets

However, if you get your license revoked from so many tickets, it’s going to be a lot tougher to get a good rate on your insurance. In the article I wrote about how to get cheap car insurance for high risk drivers, I point out that the first fundamental step towards getting a cheaper rate is to reduce your risk. In other words, you need to start driving safer. Anytime you start getting two tickets, three tickets, or four tickets within a period of 2 to 3 years, you can expect your premiums to increase.

Warnings: A friendly reminder to be more conscientious of your driving

Warnings are always better than tickets

If you did get a warning, just think of them as a friendly reminder to be a little bit more cautious on the road. Take note of your speed limit while driving, be aware of your surroundings, and do your best to make the road a safe place for transportation. At the end of the day, getting a warning isn’t really a big deal even though it may be fairly nerve-wracking. People get warnings these days for all kinds of reasons including: dead headlights, broken brake lights, safety hazards, and for driving a little bit too fast.

Be more aware as a driver

For now, do what you can to constantly be an aware driver and make smart decisions on the road. Your insurance isn’t likely to get affected as a result of getting pulled over and warned. Too many people freak out over minor things and although there are lessons to be learned from warnings, consider them a sign of caution. If your insurance company does take these into account and raises your rates, you may want to use the zip code box at the top of this page to compare other insurance prices to see who can offer you a lower rate.

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