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Will Driving With A Revoked Driver’s License Raise My Insurance Rates?

Are you a person that has been driving even after your driver’s license has officially been revoked? Anytime you are driving after your license has been revoked, you are basically asking for more problems. If you get caught, not only will your insurance rates significantly increase, but you may not get your license back for an even longer period of time. Although each individual case regarding revocation of a license is unique, if you break the rules and drive anyways, there are going to be some serious consequences if you are caught. The best case scenario would be that your revocation lasts longer than you had originally expected. The worst case scenario involves you doing jail time.

Since there are different laws in each state in regards to revoked and suspended driver’s licenses, how the police will react to your case will depend on the laws in place. If you have had your license suspended multiple times, it is going to be tough to recover. As far as insurance is concerned, you will be placed into the highest risk group possible. Why? Because whenever you engage in illegal behavior and are caught, the risk you pose to your insurer goes up significantly.

Why would the police revoke my driver’s license in the first place?

There are a lot of good reasons that the authorities may decide to suspend or revoke your license. It is important to understand that there are some fundamental differences between revocation and suspension though. In the case of revocation, you are NOT allowed to legally drive at all during the assigned period of revocation.

Suspension is generally shorter term than revocation and may still permit some driving privileges. As with anything though, there are a lot of unique factors that play into each revocation. Some people may experience a revoked license for the period of up to 10 years if they were caught for a serious crime like “Grand Theft Auto.” On the other hand, there are less severe penalties for less severe crimes. As the danger and severity of the crime increases, the longer you can expect your revocation period to be.

So what are some crimes that could lead to drivers license revocation?

  1. DUI/DWI’s – If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, it is very likely that your license be revoked (at least temporarily).
  2. Fleeing accidents – If you flee from the scene of a car accident that you were directly involved in, and are caught, you will probably get your license revoked.
  3. Excessive speeding – If you have been pulled over for speeding too many times, the police force may decide that you are a threat to other drivers.
  4. Unpaid tickets – Failure to pay something as simple as a parking ticket by the due date could cause your license to be revoked.
  5. Driving without insurance – You should already know that driving without insurance is illegal and a huge taboo. Make sure you have insurance!
  6. Serious crimes and/or imprisonment – Any serious crimes that could cause you to go to prison can result in a revoked license. If you steal a vehicle and are caught, a lengthy revocation period will be assigned.

How will my insurer react to a revoked driver’s license? Will they raise my car insurance rates?

Most insurance companies will react to your revocation by raising your rates and changing your risk profile. Anytime your license is revoked, they will assign you a greater risk and thus, increase your premiums. Insurance companies are NOT comfortable with keeping you locked in at a low rate if you have had your license revoked because it shows them that you engage in risky behavior.

If the price of your insurance policy is raised so high that you cannot afford it after you have recovered from a revocation period, you may want to consider switching insurers. You could use the free tool at the top of the page to find the best priced insurance companies in your area. It always helps to compare rates to see whether you could save money. Anyways, in the worst case scenario, you will get your insurance coverage completely dropped.

If your insurance policy is dropped (this can happen if you are convicted of a criminal offense), it will be challenging to find an insurer. You may need to find a company that provides insurance specifically to high risk drivers – which can be very difficult. However, if you plan on (legally) driving again, you will need to make sure that your license works well.

How long will it take to recover from a revoked license?

It really depends on your specific situation to determine the length of time that it will take to recover. Most insurance companies only will reduce your risk if you can prove to them that you are a safe driver over an extended period of time. In other words, you will want to avoid accidents, do your best to avoid claims, and always drive as safely as possible. Get a vehicle that is cheaper than average to insure and make sure that the safety features are maximized.

If your license has been revoked, you should know based on your situation what the revocation period is. However, there is a lot of stigma that drivers carry beyond their assigned revocation term. Realize that it may take years to get out of the highest risk group of drivers, but if you plan on driving, it may be worth it to slowly do your time. Anyways, hopefully you didn’t make the mistake of driving with a revoked license and/or are recovering well if your license is currently revoked.

Feel free to check out some quotes from leading insurers at the top of the page to see what kind of policies are available after your revocation term is up. Just enter your zip code and investigate the leading options based on your zip code – it is totally free!

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