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Will A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Save Me Money On Car Insurance?

If you have a VIN embedded onto your vehicle, will you get lower car insurance rates? Although most people may not realize it, most insurance companies offer slight savings and discounts to drivers that have VIN etchings on their windows. The reason that they may give out additional discounts is because the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) provides extra security and identification for your vehicle if it ever got stolen.

What is the purpose of having a VIN?

Vehicle Identification Numbers were first used back in 1954, but they have evolved in terms of looks as well as in terms of security. Some of the newer ones look so sleek that if your car is stolen, the criminal may completely forget to even check for a VIN. Although not all car insurance companies will offer discounts for having a VIN inscribed onto your vehicle, some certainly will give you a lower rate because if your vehicle is stolen, there is a greater chance that the police will be able to track it down and recover it.

What if the original VIN plate is removed by a criminal?

If a thief were to remove the VIN plate from your vehicle, most people still have their numbers inscribed directly onto their glass windows. This is much tougher to remove and most thieves aren’t smart enough to get full window replacements. When police do an investigation for a missing vehicle, one of the things that they can look for to verify a stolen car is the identification number (on the windows) that the criminal may not have replaced.

Not only could your windows be inscribed though, you could have a VIN located anywhere on your vehicle. It really is just a matter of having the ID number inscribed wherever you see fit. Some people have it embedded in sneakier locations than others including the trunk, underneath the hood, on the engine, and more. It really doesn’t cost much money to have the number embedded in

How much money can I save on insurance with my VIN?

Although having a VIN can reduce your insurance rates, it likely isn’t going to result in major savings. Compared to something like a GPS device or satellite tracker, your vehicle isn’t as equipped with technology. Police will not be able to use digital tracking to recover your vehicle from a thief if it gets stolen. With that said, it certainly is better than having zero form of identification on your vehicle.

For example, let’s say that you own a blue Honda Accord and it was stolen. If you didn’t have a VIN, a police may see 10 blue Honda Accords in a single day of similar make and model. He may not know which one could be the one that is stolen – especially if they were all the same make and model. So what will help the officer determine which blue Honda was the stolen vehicle? The vehicle identification number (VIN) is what they will be looking to find.

Having a VIN may save you a few extra dollars per month, but in combination with a GPS tracker, an alarm system, and other technology, you may stand to save a lot more. It is really the combination of all your safety devices that will determine how much money you save. So just having a VIN by itself really isn’t that impressive. But having it with a lot of other security features is definitely going to save you some money.

Getting a VIN on your vehicle to save money

If you want to find out the exact dollar amount that you could save by having a VIN placed strategically on your vehicle, it is important to contact your insurance company. If you want to get in touch with multiple insurers, you can use the quote form at the top of the page to compare overall costs, savings, and discounts among providers. If you already have a VIN, hopefully you are using it to your advantage and have discussed potential savings with your insurance provider.

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