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Why Car Insurance For 3 Months Under Temporary Policies May Be What You Need

How many times have you entered into a contract only to endure a life changing event and find yourself in the position of cancelling the contract and requesting a refund for deposits or funds that have already been paid? For most people, this is a pretty common experience. The process of cancelling and getting a refund is not only time consuming, but usually requires a lot of effort through phone calls and emailing to get things straightened out. Believe it or not, this same type of scenario occurs when people buy car insurance.

When temporary car insurance for 3 months may be necessary (i.e. 90 day plans)

If you need insurance, but have recently cancelled your policy and/or don’t want full time coverage, you could get a temporary car insurance policy instead. The typical timeframe that people get temporary coverage for, ranges from 1 to 6 months, so the average period ends up being about 3 months. Getting car insurance for 3 months gives people a general idea as to what they can expect with regards to paying premiums and adjusting to deductibles.

Driving out of the country as a foreigner

One situation where temporary car insurance is valuable is when an individual works out of the country for indefinite periods of time or is likely to be called to duty out of the country. In this scenario, temporary insurance provides the driver with adequate motor vehicle insurance that is required by law during the time that the vehicle is on the roads in another country (e.g. car insurance abroad).

The nice thing about a 3 month car insurance policy is that cancellation on temporary policies isn’t overly complicated; it’s actually pretty easy. Most short term car insurance policies don’t involve as much paperwork as full term standard car insurance policies. For these reasons, many people would prefer a shorter policy instead of getting a long term policy.

Car rentals and temporary insurance policies

Alternatively, when one is traveling away from their home state, one may need coverage if renting a car or driving a car that does not belong to them. Temporary rental car insurance policies are highly recommended anytime you are renting a vehicle. Obviously the ideal scenario is to purchase temporary car insurance through the insurance company that provides full-time coverage for other vehicles or home/renters insurance. Establishing a relationship with a trusted auto insurance provider will ensure that you receive the most competitive rate if you end up switching to a full term (or long term) policy.

What else does auto insurance for 3 months cover under a short term policy?

By purchasing temporary car insurance, you will be guaranteed to be covered in the location that you plan on driving. If you end up moving to a new location, your policy may need to be modified to fit the requirements set by your state or country. In the event of an accident, you will be covered for whatever you decided to buy through your 3 month policy. It is generally recommended to buy extra collision coverage and consider comprehensive coverage if you don’t already have them included under your policy.

In today’s fast paced society, short term car insurance may be what you need

In today’s busy society, one can benefit from any added convenience of a short three month policy. Temporary car insurance provides convenience and adequate coverage for those that don’t already have it. Similarly, people may really like the choice of getting a shorter term policy because they easily can switch to a different provider after their contract is up or renew the policy if they liked what they got for coverage.

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