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What Is DR10 Car Insurance and How Does It Affect My Rates?

Most people understand that a DR10 is something that should be avoided at all costs if you want to keep your insurance prices low. However, if you currently have been given a DR10, it means that you attempted to drive with your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) above the legal limit and were caught. If you are convicted of a DR10, it can be a huge setback in terms of finances as well as taking away your freedom to drive. Most people end up with a large fine and some end up being required to serve prison time.

Driving drunk is something that law enforcement takes very seriously. Not only could police officers revoke your license for months or years, but you could get into a serious accident as a result of your careless decision. Many people do not learn that they should not drive drunk until it is too late – until they are caught. That’s why when people are issued DR10’s, the law enforcement will handle the process with extreme seriousness. They want the driver to learn that how serious a DUI is and why driving drunk is extremely dangerous.

How will a DR10 affect my car insurance rates?

Anytime you get a DR10, you can expect your insurance rates to increase. The reason your insurance will increase is because you were caught driving drunk. Driving drunk is considered “illegal” behavior. When people are caught doing something illegal, it makes them extremely risky to insure in the eyes of an insurance company. You are probably wondering how much your insurance will increase though.

To be completely honest, the amount of money that your premiums will increase depends not only on your most recent driving conviction, but all prior ones. Your insurance company will review your driving record, take a look at how many speeding tickets you have, and whether you have dealt with any other violations. The greater the number of problems an insurance company can find on you record – the greater the total amount you will be expected to pay.

How is someone convicted of a DUI and issued a DR10?

If a police officer suspects that someone is driving with a blood alcohol content level above the legal limit, they have the right to pull that driver over and give them a sobriety test. If you pass the sobriety test, you’re going to be alright – you won’t have to worry about getting any ticket. However, if you fail the test, the officer will give out a DR10.

Some examples of tests that could be given include: the breathalyzer test, straight line walking test, as well as mental functioning tests. All of the tests are very easy to pass if you don’t have a high blood alcohol level. However, if you have a high amount of alcohol in your bloodstream, it will be obvious. Although some people may be able to get past the walking and balance tests if they are experienced drinkers, they will NOT be able to cheat the breathalyzer – they will get convicted.

Finding adequate DR10 Car Insurance Coverage

Believe it or not, it still is possible to get an insurance policy even after a DR10. However, finding a good deal is pretty tough due to the fact that you will be placed in a high risk bracket. In order to reduce your premiums and get a good deal on your next policy, it is important to shop around. Using the free quote tool at the top of the page should help you get a good start. Just enter your zip code and compare rates from leading providers in your area!

Another thing that may help you save money on your rates is going through a DDR (Drunk Driving Rehab) class. The reason that it may help reduce your rates is that you are proving to the people that you are serious about cleaning up your act. Even then, there are no guarantees that you will be able to get a low rate on your coverage. You may need to take some time off from driving for awhile and find alternative transportation.

Try using public transportation, riding your bicycle, or walking to work if it is close enough. Getting a drunk driving conviction is not the end of the world, but having to deal with a DR-10 can be a big setback. It is recommended to either drive less or do whatever is in your power to lower your risk so that you can get lower premiums.  Anyways, if this article was interesting or helpful, you may want to read further into about how a DUI or DWI affects car insurance rates.  Hopefully you are able to make a full recovery after dealing with your conviction.

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