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What Is A Rebuilt Car Title and How Does It Affect Insurance Rates?

Anytime you have a car that has a rebuilt title, it basically means that the vehicle was repaired or fixed after being listed as salvaged for a period of time. If you owned a vehicle that got into a bad accident and the car was listed as unsafe to drive again – most insurance companies will deem it completely “totaled” – and completely write off the expense. Since it is totaled, you as the driver are not going to be allowed to legally drive it again unless it undergoes a thorough inspection from proper authorities.

In some cases, cars that have been previously totaled are professionally repaired to good condition so that they are drivable. When these refurbished vehicles pass inspections tests, they can then be sold and legally driven again. The vehicle will now have a rebuilt title due to the fact that it was previously listed as salvaged (or totaled) and is now operable. If you are interested in finding out how rebuilt titles could affect insurance rates and quotes, be sure to use the free tool at the top of the page by first entering your zip code.

How will my insurance be affected if my car title is rebuilt?

As long as your vehicle passes proper safety inspections and is legal to drive, the fact that the title is rebuilt shouldn’t affect your rates significantly. Some insurance companies may charge you more because the parts of your car are not in new and highly functional condition like they were when you first purchased your vehicle. However, your insurance rates will be more based on your risk profile that you have developed over a period of time.

The main concerns with rebuilt titles are that the safety features may not work as well as they originally did and that the vehicle may not have as good of a security system as it originally did either. Your insurance rates will be determined based on your current rebuilt car – the insurance company may ask to conduct an inspection on a rebuilt title so that they get all the facts straightened out.

What type of insurance should I get for a vehicle with a rebuilt title?

It is recommended that you get an insurance policy that makes you feel the most comfortable with your rebuilt vehicle. If your car doesn’t have much value after being rebuilt, you may not want to get a comprehensive policy. Instead you may want to focus on taking higher deductibles and getting the minimal amount of property damage and liability coverage. Most owners of old, rebuilt, and used vehicles don’t purchase collision coverage either because it if is damaged again, there’s really no reason to continue driving it.

If your vehicle has a rebuilt title, but is still in elite condition and is worth a lot of money, it would be wise to get both comprehensive and collision coverage. Ultimately you need to weigh the value of your vehicle against the amount of money you will be spending on an insurance policy. Ask yourself what the most practical decision would be on an insurance policy for a vehicle that is listed as having a rebuilt title.

Why would anyone want a vehicle with a title that has been rebuilt?

Some people don’t have the money to go out and buy a new car, so they get one that has been rebuilt. Rebuilt vehicles are generally cheaper to buy and as long as they work, most people are happy. As far as insurance is concerned, you may not need to purchase as much coverage because the value of the vehicle has dropped considerably since the title change. If you are thinking about buying a rebuilt car, hopefully you realize that the primary advantage comes in savings.

The disadvantage is that the vehicle is “rebuilt” and may not work as well and/or be more subject to broken parts and mechanical errors in the future. Hopefully this article helps you come to terms with your decision to buy a rebuilt vehicle.

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