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What Is Weekly Car Insurance?

Weekly car insurance is another type of temporary cover that has become more popular in recent years. This type of coverage is usually used by people that need insurance for a vehicle that they are borrowing for a short period of time. Not only is this type of policy good to get if you are going to be using a family member or friend’s vehicle for a week or so, but it is good to use if you plan on using any vehicle for a few days that doesn’t have insurance protection. The last thing that you would want is to get into an accident or have some damage occur to a vehicle that you are borrowing for a short period of time, right? So the best thing that you can do as an alternative to getting a full annual insurance policy is to get coverage through an insurer for one week’s time.

Types of Temporary Auto Insurance

In addition to getting car insurance for a week, you could consider purchasing it for less time (e.g. daily insurance a.k.a. one day coverage) or for longer than 7 days (e.g. monthly auto insurance). For most people, though, one week is an ideal amount of time for temporary coverage. Most people that go on vacation and use a car in which they need insurance do not usually travel for more than one week; if they do, there are always other insurance options.

Finding Weekly Insurance Policies for Your Vehicle

When searching for weekly auto insurance, you will want to make sure that you have a list of some companies that you can consider for your coverage. Most of the time, you will be able to find plenty of companies that provide temporary insurance; take a look at these types. After you have figured out the amount of coverage that you will be getting from each insurer, you will want to compare quotes. In order to get a quote, you will need to share your driving history and some personal information with some companies. They will use this information to assess your risk and tell you a price that you would likely need to pay for 7 days worth of insurance.

Advice: Pay Weekly Car Insurance Premiums Right Away

If you are going to get weekly coverage, you will want to pay the premium(s) for your coverage as soon as possible. Most places require you to make a down payment before you get your coverage. Whether you are getting weekly car insurance UK coverage or have found a company in the U.S. – make sure that you have your payments straightened out. Make sure that you are aware of any built-in fees and charges that you may receive and speak with an agent from the temporary auto insurance company to make sure that they are a quality company.

Getting a Weekly Insurance Identification Card

Most companies will ship out your car insurance identification card in the mail via express delivery. Others may actually allow you to print off a certificate of authentication directly from their website to prove that you have coverage. If you get weekly car insurance, make sure that the company is legitimate and that you are getting valid proof of insurance because you will need it. Many places require you to drive with your proof of insurance at all times because it is illegal to drive uninsured.

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