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TSC Direct Car Insurance Review

TSC Direct car insurance is a company that provides insurance to people living in New York City and the Tri-State area. They first started their insurance business in 1982 under Tri-State Consumer Insurance and since then, they have expanded to offering auto insurance to people living in New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area. This is definitely a legitimate car insurance company and one to consider if you live in New York City. A lot of people don’t even use cars in NYC because the subway system is so vast and convenient. For people that do a lot of driving and want to get a low rate, this is a company that should be considered in your search. I have put together a brief review of this company for you to check out; if you like what you see, then get in touch with them for more information.

TSC Direct Car Insurance Review

TSC Insurance claims that they will save you up to $500 or more on your policy. They can save you a lot of money if you are a resident of NYC and do a lot of driving. They are very quick and efficient with their claims services; they process a car accident insurance claim within 72 hours of the time that it is received. Their company has a great rating of an “A” from A.M. Best (which is an insurance rating organization in the U.S.). Any company that receives a good rating from A.M. Best means that they are probably providing a lot of people with quality services.

TSC is a company that also offers Homeowners Insurance for people in the New York City area. If you need to get homeowners insurance, it would be wise to consider asking about whether you can bundle your homeowners and auto insurance together for greater savings. The cool thing about TSC Direct auto insurance is that nearly all of their employees are New Yorkers, so they can actually relate to the people that they are insuring. They are able to understand situations that you may find yourself in as a driver and are going to offer quality customer support; they don’t hire employees from outside of the area and still manage to keep their costs low.

TSC Direct Car Insurance Overview

TSC has been in business for over 20 years now and they have built up a group of very satisfied customers. The reason that they have been so successful with providing coverage is because they are able to save people money. If you know a thing or two about auto insurance, chances are that you understand the fact that bigger cities are usually very difficult to get low insurance rates in because there is more traffic; thus, an increased risk of an accident. Well, TSC does a great job at keeping prices as low as possible and in most cases, they can save people hundreds of dollars on policies.

The only complaint that I’ve been able to find about this company is that they don’t accept online payments. Other than that, it seems like they take pride in providing quality insurance to people in New York City. In addition, they will insurer you if you live in the Nassau area and near Suffolk County on Long Island. Despite the minor complaints, they end up saving people a lot of money that live in NYC. They provide comprehensive car insurance coverage to people for a full year, and guarantee customers that they will not increase their coverage price mid-year.

TSC Insures Good Drivers Only

The other nice thing about this company is that they only accept good drivers for their policies. This way, you won’t get caught up in paying extra as a customer due to mistakes made by bad drivers. If you were hoping that they offer insurance for bad drivers, you are going to need to look elsewhere because TSC does not provide this; they also will probably not provide convicted drivers (in case you were wondering). If you are serious about maintaining a good, clean record on the road, then you are going to be able to get a policy through TSC insurance; they are not a company that is going to provide insurance for high risk drivers; their goal is to minimize risk from the moment that you sign up for a policy.

Considering TSC for Your Car Insurance in New York City

If you are considering TSC for a policy, make sure that you get yourself TSC car insurance quotes to determine their asking price for a policy. If the rate is not affordable, then you can find a different company, or since you live in New York City, find an alternative means of transportation. This company provides reliable service, aims to keep their costs for customers as low as possible, and can relate with their customers because they employ people that also live in New York City or the surrounding area.

Read other TSC car insurance reviews for more information on this company. I mentioned the one that was written by A.M. Best (which is a very credible source for insurance reviews), but you can find more if you look around. Chances are that you can even find some direct feedback from some of the customers (e.g. testimonials) if you do a thorough online search. This company seems like a great insurer to work with for all people that live in NYC.

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