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Top Motorcycle Insurers: List of Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Everyone wants to find the best motorcycle insurers available so that they can compare quotes and find the best deal for insuring their motorbike. Learning how and where to find affordable insurance can be challenging when you first purchase a motorcycle. With that said, when you start to read about various companies that provide insurance for motorcyclists, it is easy to narrow down your options and find the right coverage. I have put together a tutorial that you can read that breaks down how to buy motorcycle insurance and investigate companies; this is for individuals that are confused about purchasing an insurance policy for their motorbike.

A List of Motorcycle Insurers

Progressive – This company has been pushing hard motorcycle insurance customers in recent years and have succeeded. They offer a competitive rate and even offer insurance for customized motorbikes; not something that all companies will provide. Take the time to look over their policies to see if they have a good deal to offer you.

Geico – You probably know about the green gecko on all of their commercials, but you may not have known that they provide motorcycle insurance. They are considered one of the leading motorcycle insurers in the industry. It is worth checking them out to see what kind of deal that little green gecko could give you.

Allstate – This is another household name in the insurance industry; they are among the top motorcycle insurance companies. They will give you a free quote on a policy and you can check out their website for more coverage information. If I were to go through this company for my motorbike insurance, I would probably give them a call and talk to a representative before signing up.

State Farm – State Farm has been considered by some as being one of the best motorcycle insurers on the market. They offer very competitive prices and they really promote their company well: “like a good neighbor State Farm is there.” They have provided coverage to motorbikes for over 40 years and have a lot of experience in the insurance industry.

Nationwide – Nationwide is a veteran insurance provider that will be able to help you find a policy for your motorcycle that works for your budget. Get a quote from them and see whether they can give you a better deal on comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies than the rest of the competition.

Esurance – This is a very popular online insurance company that does a good job at promoting themselves and their policies. They are worth considering, especially if you haven’t had luck with any of the other companies on this particular list.

Bennetts – I actually took the time to write a review of this particular company that you can check out if you’re interested. They are a company that is based in the UK and they have plenty of experience. If you are a motorbiker in the United Kingdom, then they may be a perfect choice. Visit their website to find out what kind of deal they have to offer.

BikeSure – This is another company based in the UK and it seems like they have built up quite a customer base as well. Read up on the policies that they offer via their website and see if they have a deal that is right for you.

Ryder – This company provides very solid coverage policies in the United States. They do not offer insurance for every state, so make sure that you read the review that I wrote about them to find out which states they provide coverage for. I know that they have great NJ and PA coverage; so if you live in these states, keep them in mind.

More Motorcycle Insurance Companies To Consider

Whether you need general liability bike coverage or you need a custom cover, you should be able to find a quality policy in one of these companies. There are many more motorcycle insurance companies to consider such as: Swinton (UK), Foremost, Markel, Farmers, Fernet, USAA, Motorcycle Direct (UK), MCE Insurance (UK), The Bike Insurer, and Carole Nash (they are a UK company that claims “they’ll beat any quote”).

I personally have not reviewed them all, so you can do some additional reading about each one if you want to find out more. Hopefully you are able to quickly narrow down your insurance options and purchase a policy through a top motorcycle insurer. Keep in mind that the cheapest motorcycle insurer is not always going to provide the highest quality coverage. Base your motorcycle insurance decisions on both price as well as the amount of coverage that you are getting.

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