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The Dynamics of Cheap Car Insurance For Men

Shopping for affordable car insurance can be an intimidating and daunting task for men. With research and examination into some of the influencing factors associated with the calculation of car insurance rates, men can rest easy and conquer the task of locating cheap, reasonably priced auto insurance. Careful consideration should be given to the below discussion prior to making any financial commitments to any one car insurance provider.

Car Insurance Legal Requirements for Men In the United States

Nearly every state in the US requires that all vehicles that are driven or operated on roads and highways be covered by an adequate insurance policy that is provided by a legitimate car insurance company. Men seeking affordable or cheap car insurance must be aware of their own state’s auto insurance coverage requirements. Below is a brief examination of the most common types of insurance coverage mandated by state law:

No Fault – Personal Injury Protection

No Fault – Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, provides protection to drivers and vehicle owners that suffer injuries in a car accident the results in an inability to work. In the event of such an occurrence, a monthly monetary benefit is paid for a determined amount of time.  (Read more about “No Fault Car Insurance” if you want a more thorough explanation).

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance covers the expenses related to property damage or personal injury that occurs as a result of an auto accident.  This is sometimes referred to as “3rd Party Car Insurance” because you need to have insurance in case you cause damage to another driver or person’s property.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorists coverage provides coverage of expenses related to hit and run accidents or in the event that a party involved in the accident in uninsured or underinsured.

Each state’s vehicle insurance requirements differ, so it is incumbent upon men seeking auto insurance to contact a reputable car insurance company or agent or direct inquiries to his state’s department of insurance.

Men must recognize that there are important influencing factors involved in the calculation and determination of auto insurance rates. For men who are seeking cheap or affordable car insurance, the following factors must be considered.

Driving Record

A person’s driving record that is officially maintained at state’s departments of motor vehicles often is an influencing factor in the calculation and determination of auto insurance rates. Generally, if a man’s driving record reflects an abundance of traffic violations, car insurance companies tend to offer coverage at a higher premium. The presence of multiple traffic offenses on a person’s driving record may indicate that he is not a safe driver and thus may be more likely to be involved in a car accident, making him a greater financial liability.

Accident History

Like a driving record that may contain multiple traffic offenses and violations, a history of auto accidents, no matter how severe, may indicate to car insurance companies that the person applying for a car insurance policy is a financial liability. It is commonly recognized that those drivers that have been involved in motor vehicle collisions in the past are more likely to involved in auto accidents in the future.

Consumer Credit

Just like most other businesses that provide goods or services on credit, car insurance companies consider a person’s consumer credit history in the calculation of insurance rates. A consumer credit report that is provided by one or all of the three major consumer credit rating agencies may reveal a person’s credit worthiness and likelihood to pay premiums on time and in full. A person with poor consumer credit may face higher car insurance premiums than a person that has a good credit rating.

Why Cheap Car Insurance for Men Is Tougher to Get: Check the Statistics

According to NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 23,726 men were killed in traffic accidents in 2009. That is more than twice the number of women that were killed in auto accidents in 2009, which was 10,070. The vast majority of people that suffer life threatening injuries in auto accidents are drivers, and the statistics indicate that men that operate a vehicle are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a car accident than women.

That being said, consideration must be given to the fact that car insurance companies factor confirmed statistics into their auto insurance rates. Combined with the factors discussed previously, this emphasizes the necessity for men to conduct diligent research during the pursuit of policy that provides cheap auto insurance for men drivers.

Once consideration has been given to the above factors, an adequate amount of thorough, exhaustive research must be conducted to ensure that the cheapest, most affordable auto insurance coverage can be purchases. Below are a few types of sources that can be consulted for car insurance related research.

Visiting Auto Insurance Websites

Most major, legitimate car insurance companies maintain an internet presence as a means to communicate with their policy holders and prospective customers. Visiting the websites of the auto insurance providers will usually provide the consumer with valuable information in the pursuit of getting the cheapest car insurance for men.  They also help provide comprehensive car insurance information regarding policy options, upgrades, and savings.

Online Directories

There are many credible and reliable internet websites that provide links and information regarding car insurance companies, their costs and services, and coverage options. These directories are often a good place to start a search for affordable car insurance as many different auto insurance providers can be accessed through one source.

Insurance Rating Agencies

Like online car insurance directories, online auto insurance rating agencies can provide men with information pertinent to the vehicle insurance process. Consumer reviews and independent, non-compensated sources typically provide information such as car insurance company reliability, claim processing and affordability.  Doing research makes getting low cost car insurance a much easier process.

Provide Accurate Information to Get Reliable Quotes

Most major auto insurance companies aim to provide accurate information regarding their services quickly and efficiently to prospective customers. Likewise, a consumer can typically receive rate quotes or estimates from car insurance company websites, directories or rating agencies. Determining the best auto insurance coverage for an affordable rate consistent with quality service and dependability is one of the most crucial steps to finding cheap car insurance for men.

Considering some of the factors that have been discussed above, auto insurance premiums can be one of the largest financial obligations for men. This fact highlights the need for men to conduct in depth research to locate and determine the cheapest, best car insurance deal available to you as a male driver.

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