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Tesco Car Insurance Review

Tesco Car Insurance is a company that many people are interested in finding more information about due to the fact that they offer pretty low rates compared to many auto insurance companies in the United Kingdom. As with any insurance company, it is important to keep in mind your needs and make sure that they have a policy that meets them. There are plenty of companies that are competing with Tesco auto insurance for customers (examples include: Halifax car insurance and ASDA car insurance) – both of which I have written reviews about. Before you ever go out and get a new auto insurance policy, it is important to make sure that you know about the company that you are considering for your insurance. Never go into buying insurance blindly without actually reading a review or customer feedback of their services.

Tesco Car Insurance Review

Well first of all, it is important to realize that the company Tesco provides a wide variety of services – in other words, they do not specialize in car insurance. They sell many different products to people on their website including things like grocery items, wine, phones, clothing, sports accessories, garden tools, and more. They have a branch of their company that provides banking and insurance services. As far as banking services go, they provide people with things like: credit cards, loans, and mortgages. Under their insurance coverage, they offer: car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, and more. It is clear that they want to tap into as much of the mainstream business market as possible with everything that they offer through their services and store.

Upon review of their car insurance services, it appears as though they offer savings just like many other companies. Most popular auto insurance companies have attractive offers on their website as a way to draw in more customers. They are competing against a lot of other reputable companies and in order to stand out, they give a nice organized checklist of features that are provided through their coverage. If you are looking for a new car insurance policy, then you may want to check out their services. However, it would be a good idea to read this full review so that you get a better feel for what they have to offer you in your situation.

From taking a real quick look at the services provided through Tesco car insurance, they appear to be a solid company to buy insurance through. As with nearly all auto insurance companies, they are going to be a better fit for some individuals and a poor fit for others. It is up to you to figure out whether a company like Tesco that advertises a very low rate compared to most is going to provide you with enough service in the event of an accident or car insurance claim.

Tesco Insurance Quotes Online

Getting Tesco auto insurance quotes does not need to be any more difficult than getting a quote from another company. The best way to go about getting yourself a good quote is to visit their website and click on the red button that says “get a quote.” All that you will need to do is fill out the form that the company provides so that they can collect some personal information about you. The reason that they collect information about people requesting quotes is so that they can assess your risk and give you an accurate quote. As you may already know, not everyone pays the same amount of money for their insurance policy. Some people that are considered “high risk drivers” pay more on average because they have had certain problems that increase their overall possibility of getting into an accident or being involved with damages.

For example, people that are looking to buy auto insurance for a convicted driver are going to have a much more difficult time getting cheap coverage based on the fact that they have been convicted. When a person is convicted, this raises a “red flag” in the minds of the insurance company and they are cautious when offering insurance policies. In cases of people that are high risk, they will either decline them to be insured (yes, some places will not accept people of very high risk that have a poor driving history littered with traffic violations) and others will charge them a higher overall rate on their policy. The reason that they will be charged more is because statistics indicate that something is more likely to go wrong on the road with them based on their past records.

Since insurance companies give high risk drivers higher quotes, you should know what to expect when you go to get your Tesco car insurance quote. You may find out that you are getting a very low price for your risk. The way to figure out what a good price is for you to get as a quote is to collect multiple quotes from 5 to 10 insurance companies and then average them. If Tesco offers you a lower price than the average, you are probably getting a pretty decent overall price through their insurance policy; but you also need to consider the quality of their coverage before concluding that they are offering one of the best deals.

Tesco Auto Insurance Quotes are Usually Reasonable

You will likely find out after requesting a quote through Tesco auto insurance is that their quotes appear to be fairly cheap or cheaper than average. But, you should keep in mind that just because you can get inexpensive car insurance does not mean that it is necessarily good coverage. You need to know whether you are getting a comprehensive policy, a standard policy, or third party car insurance coverage only. The thing about Tesco is that they are known for being cheaper than most and if you look at the prices they offer, it is clear that they are. However, it is important to realize that they may not be the cheapest in all cases; since every driver has a unique set of circumstances; other companies may be offering a better rate for certain people.

It is important to do your own research whenever looking for a car insurance policy. A company that is providing your parents, brother, or sister with a good price may not be able to give you the same deal as them. You may find that after doing research that there are many companies that give you a lower overall quote than others. It is important, though, to also analyze the coverage and features of each insurance provider before you get excited about low quotes. Low car insurance costs mean absolutely nothing if the service that a company provides is poor. Read below to find out whether you like the features that are provided with Tescos car insurance policy.

Tesco Value Car Insurance Coverage Features

There are several different types of coverage that are offered by the Tesco insurance company. They have a Value Car Insurance policy that is one of their more popular options. This is a comprehensive policy with some of the most extensive coverage. The reason that they claim it is cheaper than those offered by companies is because you can only buy it online; in other words, the company is able to cut down on costs by allowing people to sign up for it only through the internet. If they had to send out an agent for each policy registration, it would obviously cost more for their company, so offering online savings makes total sense.

They offer savings of up to 50% on their “Euro Plus Breakdown Assistance” and “Recover Plus” options. Since this company is always trying to offer new ways to save for their customers, they have offered half off their top 2 coverage levels when you add them to your policy. There of course is a catch that comes along with these savings; you must sign up before the date that is specified on their website. If you want to find more about these savings and what their top 2 levels of coverage are, you should give one of their reps a call and ask for more information. You can also visit their website and look up policy details to see whether they are discussed.

The company UK Insurance Ltd. is the responsible provider for Tesco Car Insurance policies as well as the Tesco Breakdown Assistance that is offered as part of their policies. If you are considering the Tesco value car insurance option, you can get a quote for that right off their website. However, before you go and rush to get a quote, read about some of the other benefits that they claim they bring to the table for their customers.

Tesco Car Insurance Benefits

24 hour accident helpline

They claim to provide comprehensive car insurance coverage for their customers. The details as to “how comprehensive” their coverage is seems to be left pretty unclear. Saying that you provide “comprehensive coverage” is pretty vague until you are more specific and talk about why it is comprehensive. Some other things that they claim is that they have a 24 hour accident helpline that they provide their customers; helplines are always nice, so this should make you feel good if you are a customer with this company. However, 24 hour helplines are also standard these days, so don’t think that this is a unique aspect that separates this company from the many others in the UK that have a helpline.

One year parts and repair guarantee

They have a 1 year guarantee for car parts and repairs for their customers. This basically means that if your vehicle is repairable, they will repair it for one full year. They do not give details as to whether this is only for your first year or not and how much it would cost to get additional years of repairs added to your policy. However, you should be satisfied with the Tesco car insurance policy initially since if you get into an accident they are going to help you fix up your car and get you all the parts that need to be replaced.

European third party coverage

You will get third party car insurance coverage throughout your driving in Europe. It is nice to know that you will be insured when you are driving anywhere in Europe because there are many people that enjoy traveling. You will not have to worry about staying in your own country and you won’t need to stress out about taking your own vehicle for vacations throughout Europe. Although there are other UK companies that offer coverage throughout other countries in Europe, not all of them provide insurance for every country in Europe; this is a nice feature of Tescos auto insurance coverage.

Discounts and repair savings at body shops

Customers of Tesco may also be eligible to receive good discounts from services and repairs at company approved auto body shops. If you already have Tesco coverage or are considering getting it, be sure to ask about which repair shops they work with so that you know where your vehicle can be taken in the event that it needs to be fixed.

Replacement child car seat

Finally, they boast that they will be able to give you a free replacement child car seat if you need one. This seems like a petty thing to brag about, but nonetheless, it’s a pretty good feature to have. At least it shows that Tesco cares about the young children in the car and want people to have their kids’ safe while on the road. Obviously if you don’t already have a child seat and just bought Tesco car insurance, it would be a good idea to take them up on your free seat.

Optional Tesco car insurance extras

They have some extra insurance options that can be added to your existing policy including: motor legal protection, breakdown assistance from Green Flag, and no claims discount protection. These are fairly minor, but if you are serious about your car insurance and are going to go with Tesco, it would be a good idea to further investigate these extra coverage features and find out how you can utilize them in situations where they may be necessary.

Tesco Standard Car Insurance Coverage vs. “Value” Coverage

The standard coverage that is offered by Tesco does not have as much included as the “value” or “comprehensive” coverage; this makes complete sense. The minimum excess for the standard coverage is only £50, while the value coverage has a minimum excess of £475; you can see which one is more expensive. Both the standard and value policies provide coverage to your own vehicle as well as those of other parties in the event of an accident as well as cover for fire and theft damage or stolen items. Both have access to the 24 hour accident helpline and will both provide you with coverage for personal possessions. In both types of coverage you are going to be eligible to receive discounts; so don’t think that just because you opt for the standard that you will not be able to save additional money.

The ways in which the Tesco standard car insurance differs from the advanced, value coverage have to do with choosing a repairer, windscreen replacement coverage, covers for stereo and electronic systems, and getting a replacement car. If you have the value coverage, you will be able to choose your own repairer, get a windscreen replacement if yours is damaged, and you will be able to have your electronic stereo systems and electronics insured on your car policy. Plus, you will get 3 years of guaranteed repairs in comparison to the standard policy which offers only 1 years worth or repairs if you use a company approved repair shop.

Saving Money with Tesco Car Insurance

As with any provider of auto insurance, Tesco offers ways to save. As noted above, the excess cost for standard coverage is roughly 50 Euros, while the more comprehensive policy has an excess of 475 Euros. This company wants people to take note that they may be charged higher amounts for either policy if they are dealing with a younger driver (e.g. a person looking for their first policy). The reason that less experienced drivers are charged more is generally because they are riskier on the road and insurance companies know about their risk.

Online discounts through Tesco

This company tries to save their customers up to £266 each by purchasing a policy online. However, they say that only around 10% of their customers are eligible to save the full amount. This means that most people are going to save some money through this company through their online application. The thing about applying online is that it makes things easier for the company because they do not have to hire agents to fill out all the paperwork with potential customers; online forms make this process easy and this is why they offer savings.

Clubcard customer discounts

If you are a Tesco clubcard member, you can be eligible to receive additional savings. They may send you a Tesco car insurance promotion code if you are a member. They have exclusive savings for their members because this particular card is affiliated with Tesco. When using this card, Tesco makes money, so they feel that it is only appropriate to offer additional savings to people that are already giving them business in other ways.

Non-clubcard members can still save money

Even if you are not a clubcard member, you can still save money through Tesco car insurance. Although not everybody is going to be eligible for every single discount on a single policy, there will likely be something that you can do to save more money than you think on your policy. You should get in touch with the company if you want a complete list of ways in which you will be able to save money.

One way that you can save (regardless of whether you are a clubcard member) is by getting multiple cars insured through Tesco. They also have good no claims discounts as well that you can apply for. Even though some people are going to be excluded in regards to the savings, other people may be able to get all of the discounts. For people that know they only need standard coverage with Tesco, you can get 15% savings by purchasing your coverage online.

How Tescos price compares to other insurers

They claim that they are able to save you significantly more money than their competitors. If you visit their website, they compare their coverage cost to that provided by other fairly popular companies in the UK including: Aviva, Elephant, Admiral, ASDA, More Than, and M&S. They claim that Consumer Intelligence did the research using 82,840 car insurance quotes for data. They used over 2000 risk profiles and they were able to find that nearly 64% of consumers would probably end up saving money if they switched to Tesco insurance. It seems as though this company is definitely one of the cheapest, but how satisfied are their customers?

Customer Reviews of Tesco Car Insurance

The customer reviews of Tesco auto insurance have really let people know what they think about the service that they received. Although Tesco does provide good deals, many customers are not satisfied with the coverage that they have received. If you take the time to do a search for Tesco car insurance customer reviews, you will find multiple websites in which there are hundreds to thousands of individual reviews of their services. At a website called “ReviewCentre” you can find that Tesco got roughly a 1.4 out of 5 stars based on roughly 200 reviewers.

Most of the reviewers here said that Tesco did not take good care of their claims and handle them in a professional manner. Some claimed that Tesco was hard to get in touch with when they needed to handle legal proceedings related to an accident. Other customers said that they got into accidents and Tesco didn’t do anything to fix their situation by repairing their vehicle like they said they would in the coverage agreement.

The bottom line is that most customer reviews online are in the “average” to “poor” range, which clearly indicates that even though they may offer cheap rates, they probably do not provide customers with the coverage that they need, especially in situations relating to accidents or filing car insurance claims. At the website “DooYoo” you can see that there are less than 100 reviews and averaging the reviews seems to leave the overall review at around 3 out of 5 stars.

There were some positive reviews in the midst of all these of customers that had their claims handled professionally. Some people did say that they were happy with Tescos car insurance services, but most of them seem to indicate that Tesco really falls short on customer service. If you are not worried about customer service, then this would be a great option for insurance; you pay a cheap price and (based on most reviewers), you probably won’t get the service that you need when facing a difficult situation as a driver such as an accident.

Should You Get Tesco Car Insurance UK Coverage?

The bottom line is that you had better know for sure that you are going to get good customer service from this company in the event of an accident or claim before buying. Most of the time customer reviews and consumer reports are the best way to find out about a company’s service. Any company is going to put out good advertisements for their services and attempt to make their company image as positive as possible; but if you should take anything from the user reviews, it would be a good idea to proceed with caution if you have Tesco auto insurance coverage.

The prices that they offer are really good compared to most places, so in regards to the cost for their insurance policies, they are very reasonable. However, it is important to realize that there are plenty of other good UK car insurance companies to choose from. If you don’t want to take a chance with their customer service, then it would be a good idea to look elsewhere for your auto insurance coverage. Best of luck with your search for car insurance; it is hoped that this review helped people find out as much information as possible about Tesco car insurance.

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