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Standard Car Insurance

Standard car insurance is auto insurance coverage that is neither a comprehensive policy nor a minimal policy – it is the recommended, average amount of coverage. Most people that have auto insurance end up getting standard car insurance because it provides good coverage at a reasonable rate. Whenever you get a comprehensive policy, you are going to pay more than you normally would, and when you get a minimal policy, you may get into trouble in the event of an accident because you may not have enough coverage. Unless you really need cash and do not have enough money to afford a standard policy, most insurers will recommend that you get this type of coverage.

What is Standard Car Insurance Coverage?

The amount of coverage that is considered “standard auto insurance” can differ depending on where you live. In most cases, the average amount of coverage is $100000 for bodily injury, $300000 for all bodily injuries, and an additional $100000 for property damage; this is commonly referred to as being a “100/300/100” insurance policy. The reason that this type of coverage is common is because whenever there is an accident; people want to make sure that their insurance will be able to protect them if there are significant damages. If you don’t have good enough coverage (e.g. you only buy third party car insurance) and you don’t have enough to pay for property damage or all bodily injuries, you may end up having to pay money out of your own bank account and your insurance company won’t be able to help you out much.

Standard car insurance is not the same thing as the minimum amount of coverage required in your state to legally operate a motor vehicle; this is a minimum-type policy. Standard coverage is the same thing as having adequate coverage for anything that could go wrong while you are driving. Think of standard insurance as something that you want to have as a driver because without it, you risk the possibility of not having enough coverage. In most cases, standard auto insurance will provide you with plenty of coverage in the event of an accident; although your rates may increase if you were “at fault.”

Comprehensive Car Insurance vs. Standard Policies

The reason that you may want to consider getting a comprehensive car insurance policy in comparison to a standard one is if you drive a vehicle that is significantly more valuable than an average car. For example, if you drive around in a luxury car or sports car and want to make sure that your insurance will provide enough coverage if your car gets damaged, you may need to pay more overall money for your insurance. In this case, you would want to stay away from a standard auto insurance policy and decide to get one that is more comprehensive in nature. This way you would be covered for fire damage, theft, vandalism, and pretty much every little thing that could possibly go wrong with your vehicle.

If You Get The Bare Minimum, Make Sure Liability Is Included

You have got to make sure that you have at least liability coverage that will protect you from damages and injuries in the event of an accident. If you sign up for a standard car insurance policy, you can always ask the company that sells it to you whether you are getting a fair amount of coverage or whether they recommend that you get more. Remember that comprehensive auto insurance and minimal amounts of coverage is sometimes referred to as “non standard car insurance” and in most cases, if you are not driving a car that is exceptionally low in value or high in value, you will want to simply get a standardized policy.

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