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Saga Car Insurance Review

Saga car insurance is a company that sells their policies with the motto: “Doing things properly.” This company is based out of the United Kingdom and offers reliable automobile coverage to people that are over 50 years of age. Additionally, they offer other various types of insurance including: home insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, pet insurance, boat insurance, and motor home insurance. This company has their website set up so that it is easy for customers to visit and easily purchase a policy that they want. It is very simple to get a quote from this company if you are interested in their coverage – just check their website.

Saga Car Insurance Review

Comprehensive policies for decent prices – This particular insurance company has pretty darn good deals on comprehensive policies. In fact, they charge as little as £12.50 a month for this type of policy – which is considered very cheap by today’s standards. They even charge less to people who qualify for an additional 12% savings (e.g. individuals that sign up between February and May).

Instant online savings – You can save nearly 20% on your policy if you sign up for a policy on the internet through the Saga website. It is very easy to sign up and no different that signing up with other companies. You will need to provide some personal information (obviously), but if you decide to go with this company for your coverage, it is easy to find savings.

Replacement vehicle – If you need to get a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired after an accident (by an approved company), you can get a free replacement for up to 2 weeks. Most people do not have this feature with their insurance, so it is nice to know that Saga provides this additional option.

Any driver cover – This is an awesome option to have as far as insurance goes because anyone who drives your vehicle (and has a valid driver’s license) will be covered under your insurance. They will be protected by medical and emergency coverage as well. Most auto insurers require the owner of the car to drive it for the insurance to be in effect.

Additional vandalism protection – If you want to have peace of mind knowing that you will be protected against vandalism, you would be wise to consider checking out Saga car insurance UK to see whether they have what you need. There is even a Saga car insurance promotional code that can be found on their website that you can use to further save on their policies as a new customer.

Over 50 car insurance – If you are over 50 years of age and want to make sure that you get a decent deal on this type of policy, you should consider checking out a Saga car insurance quote. They offer special policies to people that are over 50 years of age, so logically; they are probably a company that you should check out if you are at this age (or above it). This company believes that if you are over 50, you are going to make less claims on your insurance than people under this particular age; so they offer you more savings.

Looking at Saga Car Insurance Quotes

Don’t assume that this company is going to offer the best rates out there without checking. You can get a free quote from their website, but you will want to have some quotes around from other companies so that you can see how they compare. Take a look at the price that you are being offered, but also the amount of coverage. If you are satisfied with the final price tag associated with this insurance company, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to think about buying one of their policies.

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