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Over 50 Car Insurance

When people cross the line of no return, the fifties line they suddenly start worrying about things they did not worry about before. They start feeling old and believe others think you are getting old and useless. Insurance is an example of this; many people believe that as you grow older your insurance premium will increase until they will eventually seize insuring you altogether. This is not true, especially in European insurance companies; in fact in many of them you get better treatment and better conditions that if you were thirty or forty. That is why it is said that people and wine get better as time passes instead of worse. Insurance companies think over fifty clients need better, special treatment.

Drivers Over 50: The Car Insurance Basics

The truth is that for some time you will be considered a great client if you are over 50. It is true that they will want to see your latest eye exams and they will want to know how your heart and blood pressure are doing and all those nagging medical questions will be asked and answered (see: “Insurance for Drivers with Medical Conditions” for more information).

The bottom line is that people over fifty years old are established, they have permanent jobs and families even grandchildren sometimes. People over fifty do not go out racing on the highway or partying all night bar hoping, although there are exceptions to every real, the majority are solid citizens who enjoy taking it easy, time is not too relevant anymore and they drive slowly and they are more careful than younger people.

The majority of auto insurance companies like to have less-risky, peaceful clients who have steady incomes and are on the verge of retiring to an even more comfortable and slow way of living. That is why they have special discounts for them when they want new insurance policies or they want to renew the ones they have. An example of these discounts, would be lower rates on premiums for over 50s car insurance.

Additionally, many companies offer an exclusive “no claims discount” option is protected the amount of required time varies but usually it is when they have at least a four year NCD in their history. They give clients over fifty the option to give the insurance company the names and numbers of people they want called in case of an accident or injury, twenty four seven all year round.

Exclusive Perks for Clients Over 50 with Auto Insurance

Clients over fifty are sometimes offered a free car while theirs is being repaired, they are also taken home or wherever they want to go if their car is damaged during the accident and it does not work or they feel they cannot drive. They have twenty four hour emergency service for them with live operators and insurance agents standing by to attend to their needs in an accident site or to solve any problem they might have.

The truth is that clients over fifty are like royalty to insurance companies, record of the oldest person insured in the United Kingdom at ninety something years old. Since they are almost retired and might wish to travel, especially in Europe, their insurance is valid in other countries for approximately one hundred and eighty days a year while traveling and visiting in the European Community; arrangements can also be made so their insurance covers them in other countries outside Europe.

Controversies and other information for the Over 50 Crowd

There are cases when a spouse was covered by his or her husband or wife’s insurance policy, is this person passes, the surviving person will be extended a new policy under his or her name at a great discount and it is also possible that the insurance company will allow him or her to keep all the benefits his or her spouse’s policy gave the person. Studies done by insurance companies and brokers show that as a person ages, he or she tends to go out less, they do not go out to visit the family too much, the family prefers to come and visit them. They do not go out late at night and they stick to routines that take them through the same streets day after day, these are streets they know well and have driven through for many years.

Advantages of Being an Older Driver

As the years go by people are not in a hurry anymore, there is no rush, their children are already taking care of their children, they do not have jobs to go to, they are retired, and there is enough time to do anything they want during the day or night. They have grown into routines that are hard to change. A new car is out of the question, they are comfortable with the last car they bought five or six years ago, they keep it in great shape because they believe they will die before they need to buy a new one. They know their cars and they enjoy riding in them. They drive on or below the speed limit and respect every traffic sign that comes their way.

Insurance companies have special windows to take care of their business; they have special websites where they can ask all the questions they want answered 24/7. This includes both sexes but probably women over fifty are treated even better than men are. All these privileges are not given freely though, they are given to good clients with good driving records.

Remember: Insurers Look at Personal Factors, Not Just Age

Although some would argue that it is easy to get over 70 car insurance and/or over 80 car insurance for reasonable rates, some would say that extreme old age equates with greater risk and premiums would be higher. The fact that you are over fifty does not mean that you will automatically join the ranks of the privileged though. Car insurance for older drivers isn’t as simple as many people think. Insurance companies usually offer better deals though because they know that as you grow older you will drive less and less, they know that you will stay at home longer than on the street, etc. However, things like credit score, number of accidents, and past history as a driver will be taken into account with your quote.

We will all get there one day, the important point of it all is that you take care and protect your record on your way to the fifties; only the good are accepted into the club. In fact if you are on the other side of the line and your record is not good, it is also possible that your insurance company may decide that you are a liability and they might decide to increase your premium as time goes by and you get older. When getting car insurance for drivers over 50 (or middle age drivers), make sure you are getting a good deal and fair price. Feel free to use the quote box at the top of this page to enter your Zip Code and see what types of deals are being offered in your area!

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