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One Month Car Insurance

For individuals that are looking to get a temporary car insurance policy, a very popular option is getting 1 month car insurance. In this type of cover, a temporary auto insurer will require you to apply for coverage (usually online) and if you qualify, they will issue you an insurance license that allows you to drive for 30 days (or a full month). A lot of people really like having the freedom to purchase auto insurance for just one month because it means that they don’t have to invest in a long term policy. If you are a person that doesn’t frequently drive or you don’t have insurance that is going to provide long-term coverage, you probably will want to at least consider buying monthly car insurance.

Why Get One Month Car Insurance Coverage?

Convenience – For many people, getting a policy that provides coverage for 28 to 30 days is ideal. No matter where you are going or what you are going to be doing, in the month that you purchase your coverage, you will be able to feel secure with your insurance coverage.

Uninsured vehicles – Driving vehicles that are uninsured is a huge mistake. Getting a temporary insurance policy will give you the freedom to drive your cars around that you don’t have on a primary insurance policy.

Lack of insurance – If you are lacking insurance coverage and need to get some sort of temporary coverage because you cannot commit to a full term policy, then you should consider a 1 month car insurance policy. Average monthly rates can sometimes be higher than expected, but if you aren’t paying them for a full year, you can save yourself some cash.

Infrequent drivers – If you don’t drive often, then getting a one month car insurance cover may be just what you need to get your feet wet and get back on the road temporarily. A lot of people don’t like to jump the gun and buy coverage immediately for a full year because they don’t know if they are actually going to be driving for a complete year.

Affordability – When compared to full-term policies, temporary coverage is usually more expensive. However, if you are only paying for one or two months out of the year, you are spending less money overall than someone who pays every single month for an annual policy. If you are on a tight budget and aren’t going to drive the entire year, then 1 month auto insurance may be perfect.

Where To Get Car Insurance for a Month

Temporary Providers – Companies like DayInsure, TempInsure, and ECarInsurance all provide temporary auto insurance. Make sure that you contact them to see whether they will provide coverage in your location. Certain companies only provide coverage for people that live in the UK, Ireland, and Europe, so if you live in the United States, it is going to be tougher to find what you need.

Pay As You Go Providers – Some companies (i.e. Progressive) provide pay as you go insurance services. Make sure that you look them up online to see which companies provide the best rates. Paying as you go has been successful with the cellular phone industry, but it may end up being a good auto insurance option if you find a quality insurer to buy through.

Popular Insurers – It never hurts to check with popular insurance companies like Geico, Progressive, State Farm, etc. to see whether they could offer you a one month car insurance cover. A lot of people simply assume that they don’t provide these types of short term policies. Always check with them to see if they offer what you are looking for and consider how good of a deal they will give you.

Extending Your One Month Auto Insurance Policy

If you want to extend your temporary auto insurance coverage, all you will likely need to do is contact your insurer and keep making monthly payments on time. For temporary coverage, you usually will need to pay in advance (e.g. before you actually get your coverage). For long term insurance policies, you usually will have a slightly different payment structure. If you know that you won’t need to buy auto insurance for a full year, you can also consider getting car insurance for 6 months or look into a policy that provides car insurance for 2 months (e.g. 60 days). Most temporary insurers will be able to work with you to find a policy that fits your needs.

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