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Military Car Insurance Companies, Discounts, and Policies

Those who have served in the military in many countries and their families enjoy a vast array of advantages and perks, as it is widely agreed they should. Discounts from federally subsidized companies, independent companies that pride themselves on service to the military, and even fully civilian companies, is one of those advantages. Between companies that serve the military almost exclusively, like the USAA, to many independent companies like Geico, active and retired military servicemen and women have many choices when it comes to car insurance.

Military Car Insurance Companies

Independent surveys and major companies agree almost universally that military members can receive up to a 15% discount on automotive insurance, especially through almost exclusively military car insurance companies. The USAA is a bank, credit union, insurance company, and more. They pride themselves on providing financial care and benefits to the military. Along with banking and investments, retirement portfolio assistance, shopping and discount buyer plans, and other financial assistance USAA offers, they also offer a wide variety of insurance products for veterans and current military members. ¬†Usually if you ask them “How much should I pay for car insurance?” – they will be able to help you set up a policy or provide some suggestions based on your current situation.

Other military car insurance companies include the AFI, or Air Force Insurance corporation and the MBA, or Military Benefit Association. Both organizations were specifically designed to either offer insurance to current and retired military officials and their families or help them enter into buyers groups. Buyers groups are large groups of people that endeavor to purchase the same product or line of products and in return require a significant discount for providing such business in bulk. Many individuals looking for car insurance for military members can take advantage of such a buyers group for many products, one of which being auto insurance.

Getting Military Auto Insurance Deals

Geico has a full military section accessible via a special phone number and a department that handles only veterans affairs to capture a wider segment of the market. If you are a veteran, you may want to further look into specifically getting cheap car insurance for veterans. With millions of people that qualify for military benefits from either having served in the military in their youth via draft or training and career service members, to family members of veterans or current military personnel, nearly one out of every four Americans is eligible to receive a military related benefit or discount. That number tallies up to almost 100 million Americans. With such a large potential market, insurance companies like Geico have formed a department to handle the business. This is expected, as the original purpose of Geico, which originally stood for Government Employees Insurance Company, was to cater to government employees and their families.

Other insurance companies like State Farm and Progressive have a question on their instant car insurance quotes forms that asks if a potential buyer is or ever has been enlisted in the military to access potential discounts. There is no definite indication of whether or not any of these companies investigate the claim of military service, so it is likely that anyone can claim military status, but at least the discount is offered. Most of these forms also allow for indication of law enforcement service and other public service as well for further discounts, which is extremely helpful if, like many military veterans, upon honorable discharge, someone entered into law enforcement. This is especially common with military police, intelligence officials, and others with security clearance and enforcement training.

Military Car Insurance Discounts

AARP, which originally stood for American Association of Retired Persons, also has a long tradition of assisting the military, especially as most veterans are currently at the age of retirement, due to the World War 2 draft and the rising need the American military had for enlisted persons during the Korean and Vietnam wars. Men who were at prime enlistment age at that time are now mostly at age 65-85 now. For this reason, AARP, which offers any type of insurance necessary, including car insurance, to older Americans at an affordable rate, also has a steep military discount. If you were injured at all in the war, you may want to read more about getting car insurance for disabled drivers or about car insurance for drivers with medical conditions.

Many publicly offered car insurance products are offered with a military discount. Many of these companies offer these discounts under a patriotic mission statement which basically infers that they are providing service to the men and women of the United States that so proudly served their country all these years. There is obviously a business benefit for these companies, making it far from a public service or a selfless act. However, no matter what the motivation, it is important to take advantage of such a discount on comprehensive policies when offered.

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