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Hastings Direct Car Insurance Review

Hastings Direct car insurance has provided auto insurance services since they first began business in 1997. They are basically a branch of the Hastings Insurance Services company and they are based in the United Kingdom. If you live in the United States, you should probably disregard this particular review since they do not offer coverage in the U.S. On the other hand, if you are a resident of the UK, this is a company that you may want to learn more about. Although other insurance services are offered through this particular company, Hastings Direct auto insurance is the company’s primary focus. I decided to write up a Hastings Direct review so that everyone could get a better understanding of this company.

Hastings Direct Car Insurance Overview

Ability to save – Like pretty much every other auto insurer under the sun, they offer you savings by taking out a policy with them. According to their website (and an independent consumer intelligence report in the UK), some customers end up saving over £150 by switching to Hastings Direct. It is good to know that this company is making an attempt to help their customers save.

Lower quotes – Hastings claims to offer lower quotes than most other companies. Obviously you can find out for yourself whether this is true. Each person is going to have a different quote (based on risk factors) so compare them with some other insurers to figure out whether they live up to offering “lower quotes” than other leading UK insurers.

Variety of policies – They offer “first class coverage” (a.k.a. comprehensive cover) with a lot of special perks for their customers. Some of the perks include: free courtesy cars, free repairs in the event of damage to your car, as well as breakdown coverage and legal representation (if needed). They also offer standard car insurance policies to people that don’t need “first class” policies.

Ways To Save With Hastings Direct Car Insurance Policies

Accident free – If you go without an accident for a certain period of time (you’ll have to look in the policy terms), you can be eligible for savings. Most companies will reward you by keeping your rates low if you avoid accidents and claims associated with them.

No claims discounts – Going without a car accident insurance claim for 5+ years, you can save up to 70% on your coverage. This is an awesome amount of savings and could really end up helping you save a ton of money. If you know that you are a safe driver and could end up getting this discount, then Hastings would be a company to keep in mind.

Bundling policies – Hastings offers van insurance, affordable motorcycle insurance, as well as classic car insurance. If you bundle multiple types of coverage, they offer additional savings. Although most insurers do this, it is nice to know that Hastings allows you to save as well by purchasing multiple types of policies.

Hastings Direct Car Insurance Reviews Online

It is always important to look for feedback from customers that have dealt first hand with Hastings Direct auto insurance. According to the feedback over at ReviewCentre, most people really gave their coverage poor marks. With that said, keep in mind that this company is still in business and is doing well. Read the car insurance reviews with an open mind and understand that most people taking the time to write a review in the first place are going to have strong opinions; most people that are satisfied with coverage don’t even waste time writing reviews.

If you are looking for an auto insurance policy, consider looking up Hastings Direct car insurance quotes to see what kind of a price you can get on your coverage. They offer competitive rates to compete with other top insurers in the UK. Their premium rates are constantly being updated (according to their website) so that they can offer the best value on auto insurance available to drivers in the United Kingdom. The bottom line is that this company is good to consider if you are serious about getting car insurance in the UK. See whether you could save money by getting a policy through Hastings.

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