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Hastings Car Insurance Review

Hastings car insurance is a company that provides auto insurance to people that live in the United Kingdom. This insurance group does not only provide auto coverage, but they offer a wide variety of insurance services including: homeowners insurance, van insurance, and motorbike insurance. If you are already getting coverage through them for one of their insurance policies that are offered, it may be worth it to add an auto policy to your bundle. When it comes to saving money with any insurance company, bundling is definitely the way to go. With that said, you should know how the Hastings car insurance review (e.g. their services and pricing) compares to that of other companies.

Hastings Car Insurance Overview

Up to 65% “No Claims” Discount – This company will give you up to 65% savings off of your premium payments just for avoiding claims. There are many companies these days that provide savings, but not all of them exceed 50%.

Free Courtesy Car – If you purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy with Hastings car insurance UK, you can be eligible for a free courtesy car. This means that if your vehicle is in the shop for repairs, your insurer will give you a free car to use while yours is being fixed.

New Car Replacement – Getting into a bad accident may result in your vehicle being totaled. If you don’t have “new car replacement” under your insurance policy, you may have to pay the total cost of replacement out of your own pocket. If you go through Hastings, they will pick up the tab.

24 Hour Customer Service – Having support around 24 hours a day is always nice from any company. Most insurance companies have extensive claims services as well as representatives on the phone lines waiting to help customers; Hasting car insurance has pretty good support.

Flexible Monthly Payment Options – They have a few different payment options that allow people to get low monthly rates. Obviously the amount you will pay depends on the type of policy that you purchase; keep this in mind.

Getting a Hastings Car Insurance Quote

The first thing that you should do before you decide to buy insurance with any company is to get a free quote. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can simply enter your zip code and get free Hastings car insurance quotes. You can then take a look at these quotes and see how they compare to those that you got from other companies. If they seem like they are fairly good deals, you may want to consider reading some more about this company. Based on the information that I was able to gather about them, it seems as though they offer good monetary value for their services. However, it seems that there are a lot of unsatisfied people that have gone to them for insurance; you can expect this with any company though.

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