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Halifax Car Insurance Review

There are many great companies that provide car insurance in the United Kingdom. I already wrote an ASDA car insurance review because people wanted to find out more about that particular company. Well, now I am going to write a Halifax car insurance review because they are another fairly popular insurance provider for people living in the UK. The first thing that you may take note of when you look for an insurance policy with Halifax is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to many companies. This particular company gets a lot of customers from people looking for auto insurance on the internet.

Halifax Car Insurance Review

Halifax auto insurance is basically part of Esure Insurance Services and is part of Lloyds Banking Group who is authorized by Financial Services Authority. It sounds to me like there are a lot of branches of a single company, but with this review, we are focused on reviewing the services that are brought to people looking for auto insurance through Halifax. This company (like many others) promotes having cheap car insurance rates. Since virtually everybody these days is looking for low rates on their insurance policy, this will naturally draw in customers. The real thing that you should be concerned with when looking into any insurance company is whether they offer quality coverage for the price that you are paying.

If you are paying a very cheap price for auto insurance, but are receiving poor coverage, then you probably would be much better off getting your vehicle insured with a different company. So how does Halifax car insurance compare to the rest of the crowd? Are there any benefits associated with choosing them over hundreds of other competing companies? In my opinion, not really, but if they give you a good price compared to other companies and you think that they are providing you with enough coverage, then it would be a good idea to go with them.

The trouble of recommending any specific company to everyone is that not everybody is a perfect fit for the same car insurer. So if I were to say that I recommend buying Halifax car insurance, there would likely be some people that have problems with their services or cannot get the lowest possible rates through them for their insurance. There would be other people that would really like their services, as well as others who are indifferent towards them. Halifax auto insurance is a company that I do recommend considering in your search for an insurance provider if you like in the United Kingdom. They offer good services and there are benefits associated with being a customer of Halifax car insurance policies.

Benefits of Halifax Car Insurance UK Coverage

First things first, if you get comprehensive car insurance coverage through Halifax, you will be protected extensively while on the road. This type of coverage protects people from fire damage, theft, vandalism, gives them free repairs on damages caused to their vehicle, gives free courtesy cars in the event that something goes wrong to their insured vehicle, as well as things that would be expected like collision coverage and bodily injury coverage. In this type of extensive policy, there is much more included than just third party car insurance; which is what standard coverage is based around in most cases.

New car protection

If you are involved in an accident with a brand new car (defined by being less than 1 year old), you are in an accident, Halifax insurance will cover up to 60% of the listed price – which will definitely help out. Some insurance companies will not pay this much towards helping people in the event that their new car endures a lot of damage. Another great feature of their comprehensive policy is that they have a type of coverage called “In Car Entertainment” in which they replace items like a radio system, GPS traveling device, drop down televisions, phones, speakers, gaming systems, and DVD players. If you have some electronic entertainment in your vehicle and it ever becomes damaged, this company will replace it for you as long as you purchase this type of coverage with your policy. It is a pretty cool feature to have, especially since a lot of newer vehicles have things like TV’s, quality radios, and DVD players for kids to watch on long trips.

Get a free car if yours is being repaired

What else can you get through a Halifax car insurance policy? Well, you will be protected in the event that a thief breaks in and steals something out of it. For example, if a thief broke into your car and took out your radio system and various things from the inside, your insurance company would be required to reimburse you for your losses since you would have this protection from your policy. Other basic things like: getting a free car to use if yours is in the shop after an accident are also nice extras that this company provides. In some cases, they will even include free repairs for your vehicle if you take it to an auto body shop that is affiliated with Halifax – there are several that you can use.

24 hour emergency helpline

Halifax auto insurers also have a 24 hour emergency helpline that you can use if your car breaks down or you need emergency assistance on the road. Having help available 24/7 is a nice feature – but it doesn’t really make them stand out among the crowd of other insurance companies; virtually all companies have features like this. They also have a 5 year guarantee on their repairs when you are using their repairers that they have approved for their customers. This means that you cannot take your vehicle to any auto body repairer when you want something fixed – you must take it to one that they think is acceptable.

Legal assistance & help with claims

They also offer things like legal assistance in the event that you need to file a car insurance claim. If you are confused about this process, they will have experienced employees help guide you through this process and explain how they handle claims. They also have a fairly fast settlement offer compared to a lot of different companies in the UK. They give an offer within 48 hours of them confirming that your vehicle is not repairable or worth repairing.

Although there are many benefits that Halifax offers to their customers that are buying car insurance through their company, there are many other companies with the exact same features. You should always make sure that you do your research to find out whether this particular company is right for you. If they are able to give you a price that is lower than most, then it would be fine to go with them as your insurer.

Getting Halifax Car Insurance Quotes

If you are thinking about getting a Halifax car insurance quote, it would be a good idea to go to their website or consult a representative to find out more about what rates they can offer you. Some people may discover that their quotes are very cheap, while others may not find the quote that they were offered worth the amount of coverage that they receive. Each person is going to have a different experience with this company; some may love them, while others may find other insurance provider options more viable.

In order to get a quote, you will need to fill out some basic paperwork or give them some of your information; this is a standard process at most auto insurance companies. It is pretty easy to get a quote and is not going to take an entire day. You basically give information about yourself to Halifax and then they put it into a system that generates an estimate/quote for you to consider. Things that they take into account are: the number of times you have been involved in accidents, how many traffic violations you have been involved with, as well as other personal information like your sex (male/female), and your age.

They use this information to assess your overall risk; the greater your risk, the higher amount of money that you will pay for their insurance (this process is the same for most other insurers). For example, if they find out that you are a criminal, they may decide that you are too risky to accept as a client. Getting cheap car insurance for convicted drivers is something that may be difficult through Halifax, even though they have cheap rates, there are always exceptions when risk is increased.

In addition to giving personal information in your auto insurance quote, they will also ask about the vehicle that you plan to insure. It may be tougher to get things like modified car insurance or import car insurance with a company like Halifax, but they will likely still give you a quote. The more expensive your car is, the more that it will cost for them to replace as an insurance company, and the more money you will be expected to fork over for your premiums.

If you are looking to get used car insurance through Halifax and have an older, less expensive vehicle, you will likely be able to get a pretty good deal as long as you do not have a history of being a high risk driver on the road. Anyways, eventually you will get a quote and you will be able to decide whether the quote that you received is affordable and acceptable for the amount of coverage that they will be providing you.

How to Save Money with Halifax Car Insurance

The easiest way to instantly save on car insurance with Halifax is to get a coverage policy that you know you can afford. Many people overpay on their insurance and even when they are saving through discounts, they still end up paying a lot of money out. If you want to save money with Halifax or any insurance company, get a policy that you feel is appropriate. If you are driving around in an old, used vehicle, you probably are not going to need a low deductible, so take one that is higher.

Additionally, don’t go out and get a comprehensive car insurance policy if you don’t need one. Some people with expensive vehicles are better off having comprehensive coverage, but most people only need a standard type of policy. You should always make sure that you ask about any customer discounts that you may be eligible to save with. If you want additional information about what Halifax has to offer as far as savings, it would be a good idea to get in touch with one of their agents and either speak with them via phone or schedule to meet in person.

Eligibility for Halifax Auto Insurance

Like any insurance provider, they are going to have requirements that need to be met before you can expect to get an insurance policy. They are an insurance company that provides coverage for people aged 21 to 80, but they will insure females at the age of 19 to 80.

They also do not allow customers to buy Third Party Only (TPO) coverage or Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) coverage. They also have other requirements such as: you must have had a UK driver’s license for a minimum of 3 years, you must have been a resident of the United Kingdom for a minimum of 3 years, and you must not have had your driver’s license suspended within the last 5 years.

They do not accept individuals that live in the Northern Ireland or Channel Islands for car insurance. Also, they require that you do not have at least 1 year of no claims. They list that you must not have over 3 minor driving convictions. The Halifax fine print also indicates that they exclude individuals that are connected to: TV, radio, music, films, performing arts, pro sports, non-UK armed forces and diplomatic services, gambling other than bookmaking, nightclubs, scrap metal, waste disposal, circuses, fairgrounds, amusements, street trading, fast food delivery, and more. I don’t know why they exclude all people under those particular occupations from getting coverage, but some of them are fairly obvious as to why they may not want people from these occupations getting their insurance.

Halifax Coverage Locations

A lot of individuals want to know whether they will be covered under their Halifax insurance policies when they drive abroad (e.g. to another country). They will provide you with coverage when you are traveling throughout Great Britain, as well as Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. Although you need to be a resident of the UK to get this coverage, it is nice to know that if you do drive to these other locations and end up taking a sea journey, you will be fully covered.  If you are a resident of Ireland, however, you will need to buy car insurance in Ireland because Halifax only covers UK residents.

They provide the minimum amount of coverage that it takes to keep your vehicle insured throughout countries in the European Union as well as other countries in which the Commission of the European Community is satisfied that arrangements have been made to meet EC Directives for insurance. The Halifax car insurance company will provide you with an international insurance certificate if you request one and feel as though you need one.

Halifax Car Insurance Alternatives

It is important to consider other insurance providers when shopping for a policy because there is no guarantee that Halifax is going to provide you with the best overall price. In other cases, they may not even accept you for their coverage (see the eligibility paragraph above to see who is all excluded from their policies). There are many other companies that offer good UK car insurance, so don’t get upset if you don’t find the policy that you wanted/needed with Halifax.

People that are having a tough time getting the insurance that they need can always consult with a car insurance broker to help them through the process. Brokers have a lot of good experience and can help you find the best deals for your particular situation. They will analyze the type of car that you are driving, your risk factors, and then compare rates from many different companies to find you the policy with the lowest cost and the most beneficial coverage.

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