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Hail Damage Car Insurance Coverage

Hail damage to your car can be a very frustrating experience. Whether the hail was the size of a dime or the size of a baseball, hail damage to your car can cause dents, dings, broken windshields, as well as broken mirrors. The frustration comes as a result of not truly being able to avoid hail damage. You may be riding down the road when a storm approaches, or your car may have simply been sitting in your driveway during an overnight hail storm; regardless, hail damage is frustrating. But, another source of frustration from hail damage may be in trying to find out what you need to do in order to get your car back in shape after being damaged.

Contacting an Insurance Agent After the Hail Damage

The first step in beginning the repair process would be to contact your insurance agent to file a car insurance claim.  The process of filing a claim for weather-related damage is much easier than having to prepare a car accident settlement following a collision and the process is much quicker. It should be noted that if you do not have comprehensive coverage, you may not be covered for damage caused by the weather. Hopefully you already have a comprehensive policy if your vehicle was damaged by a hailstorm. Once you have contacted your agent to file a claim, you will either be visited by an insurance adjuster, or you will be asked to bring your vehicle into an inspection office to have an estimate written up.

Estimating the Damages Caused by Hail

An estimate will give you and the insurance company an idea of the repair costs involved in removing any hail damage. The insurance adjuster will inspect all hail damage on your vehicle and give you a written estimate. The damage can range from a few small dents to completely destroyed hoods, quarter panels, and trunks. While hail is often very small and rather harmless, in some areas, it can be incredibly destructive, leaving drivers with thousands of dollars in damage to their vehicles and other property. The adjuster will factor in your car’s value into the estimate and you may be given a check on the spot. When you receive your estimate, remember to factor in your policy’s deductible in the repair cost. If you are not issued a check from the adjuster, one may be mailed to you or possibly picked up at your insurance company’s office.

Finding a Mechanic or Repairman to Fix Your Vehicle

After you have an estimate done and are issued your coverage money, you should find a qualified repair shop to have the work done. Most professional paint and body shops are experienced in dealing with hail damage. Some insurance companies may have recommended repair shops, meaning that you may receive more money if you agree to have the repairs done at a pre-approved shop; however, where you choose to go is up to you. You may want to check with your insurance agent to find out a list of pre-approved repair shops in your area, if applicable.

Always Take Advantage of Your Hail Damage Insurance Coverage

Whether the hail damage is slight or significant, it is always a good idea to get your insurance company involved in the repair process. The entire reason you pay for insurance is so that, in the event of something like hail damage, you will be covered and your car can be repaired quickly and easily. Most insurance adjusters and insurance agents are skilled at dealing with hail damage and will be able to give you a fair assessment of the value of the damage, as well as the repair costs. Hail damage can be frustrating and expensive if you choose to go about repairs on your own. If you have car insurance hail damage protection, call you insurance agent today to discuss your next steps.

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