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Does Having Airbags Installed Lower Car Insurance Rates?

If you have a vehicle that has air bags, not only will you be better protected in the event of an accident, but you will be getting lower car insurance rates. Vehicles with airbags definitely increase the safety of the driver as well as passengers, making it less likely that there will be serious injuries in the event of a crash. Most people want to know the specific amount that they will save if they have airbags vs. if they decide to drive without them. The truth is that the savings you’ll get by driving a car equipped with airbags depends totally on your insurer.

Airbags Technology Explained (Video)

Since most insurers are looking to give out savings for things that lower risk and the likelihood of claims, chances are good that you will save some money by installing airbags if you don’t already have them.

Why is insurance coverage cheaper with airbags?

It helps to think about insurance from the perspective of the provider. Insurance providers are trying to save themselves money as well as keep their customers satisfied with savings. Any little thing that you do to decrease the chances of you getting injured in an accident is going to help you save.

Understand your bodily injury insurance limits

Everyone is required to have bodily injury insurance up to certain limits depending on the state that they live in. Individuals that are involved in very serious accidents generally end up going to the hospital and end up with medical bills. If you have an extensive policy for which you have insurance for all bodily injuries resulting from a crash, your insurer will be required to pay for them. The amount that they have to pay towards them will depend on the limits you agreed upon when signing up for your contract.

Airbags prevent injuries and deaths

People that have airbags installed are able to save extra money because the statistics show that they are less likely to get hurt. If you did some personal research sometime and checked out the statistics regarding airbags, you would see that having airbags saves over 2000 lives every year. Not only do they save lives, but they prevent a statistically significant number of critical injuries as well. If you want to review the statistics, you can check out the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) for further information.

Can’t airbags lead to injuries?

Yes, they certainly can cause harm to passengers and drivers. The power that they deploy with has potential to actually knock someone out if they are sitting wrong. They have lead to head injuries, severe whiplash, knocked out teeth, and dislocated jaws. They have caused severe facial bruising and scarring from their hard hits. Obviously not everyone has a bad experience with them though. And most people would probably rather take a temporary injury (even if it really hurts) if the airbag saves them from dying.

Airbags do more GOOD than HARM

The truth is that although airbags can actually injure some people in accidents, their lifesaving benefits outweigh these risks. Driving a vehicle without airbags is pretty much a recipe for a serious injury resulting from an accident. The reason that you’ll save money with airbags is because in general, the statistics do not lie – they save lives. Since insurance companies understand that they do more good than harm, they’ll give you a lower rate on your insurance coverage as a result.

Okay. So how much money will I save with airbags?

The amount that you save with airbags will depend on a number of different factors. In general, it is important to know that your price will be lower as a result of having them installed. However, insurance companies take into account the make and model of vehicle that you drive, your location, and other safety features. If you drive a vehicle that is considered “low” in terms of crash safety, having airbags installed is going to be a plus, but isn’t going to necessarily save you a ton of money.

On the other hand, if your vehicle is maxed out (i.e. rated high) in terms of crash safety, you will probably save a fair chunk of change as a result. If you want to investigate the safety rating of your vehicle, there are websites that can help you out, but you could also contact your insurer and have them break things down. They may even be able to explain what other options you have as far as savings are concerned if you don’t want to implement airbags.

Price comparison is still the best way to save…

If you need to get general quotes for your vehicle and do a quick comparison, feel free to use the quotes form at the top of the page. The results that you get should be from only the most top notch insurance companies. Some people end up saving up to 50% as a result of just doing a company comparison. Comparing policies is generally considered a better way to save on insurance compared to installing airbags.  However, if you have the money and want to protect yourself and reduce your premiums, airbags can be a good option.

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