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Direct Choice Car Insurance Review

Direct Choice Car Insurance is an auto insurance company that was started by Direct Choice. They provide advanced auto insurance coverage to people that live in the United Kingdom. If you take a look at their website, you will see that they also provide: van insurance, motorcycle insurance, travel insurance, as well as homeowners insurance. Their website has a very simple layout, but in my opinion, it looks very unattractive. It looks unappealing to the point that I probably would avoid getting coverage through this company if I didn’t know anything about them. Fortunately, I took the time to write up a review of this particular company so that you can find out more.

Direct Choice Car Insurance Review

Direct Choice auto insurance was initially established by Taylor and Price Company, which happened to be one of the first insurers in the United Kingdom under direct response. This particular company claims that they will be able to get you the cheapest car insurance in the UK – just like pretty much every other company. They offer some pretty good savings opportunities and are worth checking out if you are hoping to get insurance for your vehicle in the UK.

Money back and savings

You can get money back (and savings) by having no claims or very low claims. They also claim to offer deals on insurance for convicted drivers. So if you have had trouble getting an insurance policy because you have faced conviction, then this company is one that you may want to consider. They offer a wide variety of coverage options for all of their customers including: comprehensive insurance, standard policies, as well as third party fire and theft.

Business partnerships

Business partners with Direct Choice car insurance include: Norwich Union, Zurich auto insurance, Chubb Insurance, Equity Red Star, and Legal and General. Direct Choice says that they will compare rates of 24 other providers so that they can help you find the best possible deal on the market. It seems as though even if you are a high risk driver, you will still be able to buy an insurance policy with this company.

Buying Direct Choice Auto Insurance

If you look around the internet, most Direct Choice car insurance reviews seem to indicate that this company is a mediocre insurer at best. There were a lot of complaints about poor customer service as well as hidden charges and cancellation fees. If this is true, I would be very cautious before considering this company for my insurance. Since they are an established insurer and offer insurance for people no matter their risk, it may be a good idea to consider this company if you are looking for insurance for high risk drivers.

Choose your insurance company wisely

You can always compare Direct Choice car insurance quotes and see whether they truly offer the best rate compared to other insurers. Don’t ever get caught up in buying coverage that you don’t think will provide you with good services. Even if you are getting a cheap rate with this company, take a look at some other car insurance reviews to find out if there is a better insurer available for you to buy through.  A side note: don’t get this company confused with Budget Direct car insurance as they are two different business entities.

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