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Daily Car Insurance

Daily car insurance is another type of auto insurance that has become more common these days. When you get daily coverage, you are basically given the opportunity to pay for your insurance based on the number of days for which you would like to be insured. The reason that this coverage has become more popular is because there are a lot of people without full time auto insurance policies. Getting a daily insurance policy is basically a type of “temporary car insurance” because most of these policies do not last longer than 30 days. You can get daily coverage through many companies out in Europe, but this type of coverage is not nearly as common in the United States. Either way, there are people that want to get this type of coverage because it is convenient in certain situations.

Story About Getting Daily Car Insurance

On a personal note, I have a friend that told me a story about a time when he needed to go out and get daily car insurance. He was traveling out in Europe and staying with some friends that he knew and they had an extra vehicle that they used as a spare, but never bought insurance for. When he used the car, he was advised by the people that he was staying with to go out and get a temporary insurance policy for it. Initially, nobody thought about insurance for it, until he started talking to them about the fact that it was a nicer vehicle and if anything went wrong, he didn’t want to have to go through the trouble of not having insurance for it or in the event of an accident. Although he never had any problems on his trip with the car and never ended up needing to use the insurance, he felt more comfortable having daily coverage.

A lot of people in this situation probably would gamble and take the risk of driving in a foreign country without insurance. However, my friend didn’t want to get into any trouble on the road; especially in a foreign country. So he contacted a company (that I forgot the name of) and he set up a temporary policy to cover him for the number of days that he would be driving the vehicle. He didn’t explain all of the details as to how long it took him to negotiate with the company and set up the temporary coverage, but I don’t think that it took too long. He mentioned that the price was not too expensive and he felt much better about driving on the roads out in Europe.

As a person who studies auto insurance, I know that in most places throughout Europe, you are required to have at least third party car insurance liability coverage in most places so that if you get into an accident and are “at fault,” your insurance will cover you by paying for the damages caused to the other party. Going without insurance in travels through Europe may really get you into a lot of trouble if you are “at fault” and don’t have any insurance. The reason that you could have major problems without insurance is because your car could be damaged, the other person could be damaged, and chances are that it would be tough to afford paying for all the damages.

When Getting Daily Car Insurance is a Good Idea

Vacations, especially in foreign countries

Like I already mentioned, when you are taking a vacation to a foreign country and will be driving either a rented car, leased car, or borrowed vehicle, you are going to want to get daily auto insurance or a temp cover so that you are insured throughout your travels there. If you are traveling from the United States to another country, you should look up the driving laws and insurance regulations so that you know what type of coverage you will need.

Similarly, if you are traveling from Europe to the United States, you will want coverage – it is illegal to not have it in most states. Don’t take the chance of traveling throughout a country that is foreign to you without insurance. All it takes is one accident and not only will your trip be miserable, but it will feel like one of the worst ever if you get caught without insurance. Plus, you could even be breaking laws without having a good insurance policy in a different country; don’t even take the chance of driving without it.

Rental cars

When you are renting a car, sometimes you will get insurance coverage included in the rental process. Always ask to make sure that you have enough coverage for your travels. Sometimes rental car agencies include standard coverage, but you need to pay more for comprehensive car insurance coverage. It is up to you to decide (based on the value of your rental) as to how much coverage you are going to get. Some companies will include the full insurance costs in with the rental, but others require you to buy your own insurance through them. In this case, you will want to make sure that you have daily car insurance for the number of days that you plan to drive the rented vehicle. If you were to get into an accident with a rental, you will be held accountable from the rental company, so make sure that you are insured.

Borrowed vehicles

Borrowing a vehicle from a friend or family member means that you should have insurance. Many people that lend a vehicle to another person [even if for a temporary period of time] may not be covered by their own insurance company if another person is driving the vehicle and it gets into an accident; especially in cases where you give authorization to another person to drive it. If you are a person that is going to lend your vehicle to someone else, make sure that the person using it will be insured. If the vehicle is not already insured, a temporary auto insurance policy is definitely smart to purchase. Determine the number of days that the vehicle will be driven and get the necessary temporary policy.

Anytime you need quick car insurance coverage

Whenever you know that you need some quick coverage so that you are not caught on the road without insurance, get some daily vehicle insurance. It is better to have at least one day car insurance than none at all when you are on the road. Most of the time, you can get relatively inexpensive car insurance anytime that you get it from a temporary insurer. When you are paying on a day by day basis for your insurance, most costs will be easy to manage. Obviously if you are looking for a long term car insurance policy, then getting a daily plan is not worth it; but most places that offer daily coverage are fairly reasonable in cost.

Will You Ever Need Daily Car Insurance?

Whether you will ever need daily car insurance will ultimately depend on the circumstances in your life. If you are not traveling a lot to foreign countries and do not need to borrow other people’s vehicles, you probably will never need this type of policy. However, if you are a person that likes to travel and drive while you do it, it would be a good idea to have the phone number of a temporary auto insurer available for whenever you need to buy some coverage. Some people will never need this type of coverage in their entire lifetime. If you are a person that only uses your own vehicle and are going to use taxis when you travel throughout other countries or other forms of transportation, then this is not necessary to get. Realize that there are a lot of people, though, that will encounter certain circumstances that warrant the purchase of this type of auto insurance.

This type of insurance is much more popular in Europe than the United States, but it still exists in the U.S. Most of these relatively niche types of car insurance (e.g. no deposit car insurance) are going to be more popular with European companies. It is all a matter of finding out what people want in their coverage and then incorporating what people want into policies. If there was a greater demand for daily coverage in the United States, you would hear about it more. Most companies know that people want coverage for the long term (e.g. several years) and don’t want to have to mess around with their insurance again for awhile. Additionally, most places offer greater savings if you buy insurance for the long term in comparison to short term car insurance like daily coverage provides.

Getting Daily Car Insurance Quotes

In order to get a daily car insurance quote, you can do a search on the internet and find companies in the location for which you need coverage. If you are not able to find what you want in a coverage policy, try searching for “temporary auto insurance” because there are plenty of companies that provide this type of coverage to people that are interested. Many people need temporary coverage or short term coverage – which could last one day, one week, several weeks, a month, or a couple months. Most temporary policies are not going to last longer than a couple months because when policies extend coverage for a longer period of time, it is usually considered a long term policy.

Just like you would do if you were searching for standard car insurance, you should gather price quotes from companies that provide daily car insurance. You will want to find out which ones end up being the lowest cost in comparison to the amount of coverage that they provide. If a certain company provides a ton of coverage and their price is only a little bit higher than another company with less coverage, it would be a good idea to consider getting the one that costs a little bit more. Anyways, just make sure that you weigh the price quotes against the coverage that you will be able to get. Also, take the time to research the companies that you are going to buy coverage through to make sure that they are legitimate.

Daily Car Insurance Companies

Don’t stress out if you cannot initially find a company that provides this type of coverage because there are plenty to be found. If you cannot find any online, do a quick search through your phone book and look for some temporary providers. Another thing that you can do is contact a lot of different car insurance companies and ask them whether they provide temporary coverage. If they do happen to be a provider of temporary coverage, you can ask them whether they would be able to get you a quote. You could also ask whether you can get daily coverage or what the minimum number of days is for you to purchase temporary coverage. If worst comes to worst, you could give a car insurance broker a call and ask him or her what they recommend for temporary auto insurance.

Usually a broker is not needed when you only are in need of a temporary policy – so don’t think that it is necessary to work with one. Don’t think that this type of auto insurance is any more complicated than other types of temporary coverage. You will usually be offered the choice between standard and comprehensive coverage and then be offered a payment rate. Make sure that you compare companies and find one that you trust. Some people are able to stick with their same insurance company for temporary coverage, so if you want to stick with your existing insurer (because you already have coverage), don’t be afraid to call them and ask if they have a policy to match what you need.

Hopefully you found this article helpful and are able to get the daily car insurance coverage that you need the next time you need a temporary policy. There are many companies out there, some are good, and some are less reliable, but if you do your research and speak to some representatives from each company, you should end up working with a company to help you stay insured while on the road. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry on the road; if you need temporary coverage, don’t drive without it.

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