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Could I Get Sued Even With Good Car Insurance Coverage?

Could I get taken to court and sued even though I bought car insurance coverage? Nobody likes to deal with legal issues. Whether going to court involves something insurance related or not, it is really no fun at all. Even though it may seem logical to assume that you will be fully protected from getting sued even if you have auto insurance, simply having a policy is not going to prevent you from getting sued.

If you caused more damages to another party than your insurance policy covers for, you could be smacked with a lawsuit and taken to court. In order to prevent getting sued, it’s important to make sure you purchase: A) Enough coverage and B) Insurance through a reliable company. If you get a free quote from this website at the top of the page by entering your zip code, only the most reliable companies will come up in the results.

Low Coverage Limits Could Lead to a Lawsuit

There are many people concerned with getting the cheapest car insurance instead of a quality policy these days. Obviously enough, all it takes is one accident for many of these people to have a change of heart. After an accident it is too late to increase the amount of insurance coverage that you have.

A hypothetical example of how a car insurance lawsuit could start

As a hypothetical example, let’s say that you were driving your Cadillac Escalade down the street, but were speeding and accidentally ran a red light. As you were running the red light, you crashed in a T-Bone fashion (i.e. your front end hitting the side of another car). Let’s also say that the person was driving a Mercedes Benz and they suffered both physical and psychological damages as a result of the accident.

Since you would likely be considered to be primarily “at fault” or responsible for the accident, your insurance would need to compensate the driver of the Mercedes that was injured for everything. If you purchased the bare minimum in terms of coverage for your state requirements, you may not have enough financial support from your policy to fully pay the driver. So guess what happens? The rest of the money for damages comes directly out of your own pocket!

And guess what happens after the accident? If you guessed “lawsuit” you are right – you will likely get sued and taken to court if the accident is serious enough. If you were the one that caused the damages, you will likely lose the court case and be expected to pay in full for all damages: bodily injury and medical, collision, as well as property. Your insurance company will only pay for the level of coverage that you originally purchased – the rest will be up to you.

Can any car insurance policy prevent me from getting sued?

To be upfront, the answer to the question above is an astounding “NO.” Although you could buy the highest limit policy for your state with bonus features, it still does not fully take away the threat of getting sued 100%. There are still extremely serious accidents that could end up using up the full limits in even the most expensive policies. With that said, having a ton of support from your insurance company is definitely going to help when you’re involved in an accident.

How to avoid and/or prevent the possibility of getting sued

Drive as safe as possible

Probably the most effective methods for the prevention of a lawsuit is the most obvious advice you’ll ever hear: drive safely. If you are focused on driving safely and are actually thinking about your surroundings while you’re on the road, the possibility of you getting into an accident is significantly lower. Minimizing risk on the road by doing things like: traveling the speed limit, stopping at yellow lights, and abstaining from cell phone use while driving are a few of the more obvious ways you can reduce your possibility of getting into an accident.

Work closely with your insurance company

Even if you are involved in a lawsuit, your insurance company will likely be able to provide you with some legal support. Most insurers help their customers out by providing a complimentary lawyer to help reduce the total amount (in terms of monetary compensation) during legal proceedings. After any serious accident it is imperative that you contact your own insurer to make sure that you are not doing engaging in any post-accident behavior that they wouldn’t recommend.

Will my car insurance company pay for some of the damages?

Your insurance provider will help

If you have a good auto insurance policy set up, you could get thousands of dollars in coverage for medical bills, property damage, and any damages to the other drivers’ car. Obviously all that you will need to do is pay your deductible for your coverage to go into effect. The driver that was victimized in the accident may end up collecting a total of $30,000 for the damages that you caused if the accident was moderate in terms of severity.

Fatal accidents and lawsuits

If the car accident is extremely severe and/or was considered to be fatal – you may be sued for up to $500K. Most insurance companies will help pay for $100K worth of damages, but will not pay for anything exceeding the agreement. This would mean that you would be expected to pay $400K out of your own pocket to the party that was affected. Anytime you’re dealing with the death of another human being, it’s going to be a lot more money issued for the death – and rightfully so.

The importance of finding a great car insurance policy

It is extremely important to always purchase an amount of auto insurance that will help you finance any damages that you may be “at fault” for in an accident. Nobody expects having to pay in excess of $100K, but the reality is that sometimes large legal battles occur as a result. If you get taken to court, the best thing to do would be to hope for the best and do what you can in terms of financial compensation. Most people aren’t prepared for a large lawsuit, and when they are hit with one, they really need some help.

If you are dealing with a lawsuit in which you are responsible for over $100K in damages out of your own pocket, your best bet would be to contact family members and close friends to see if they can help you finance it. Additionally, you could also take out a loan to help pay it off, but working with family is generally preferred because they probably won’t require massive interest rates upon repayment.

If you need a new insurance policy and/or a reliable provider, feel free to use the top of the page to get a free quote comparison. All you have to do is simply enter your zip code and only the most trusted companies will give you a free quote. You can then compare these quotes based on the amount of coverage that is offered to find the best pricing and coverage so that you are best protected in the event of an accident.

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