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Comprehensive Car Insurance: Is It Really Worth The Extra Money?

A lot of people want to know what comprehensive car insurance covers because it can be somewhat confusing. Many individuals get the concept of comprehensive auto insurance misconstrued due to the fact that they assume that it includes collision coverage. If you do your research or talk to a representative from an insurance company, you will quickly find out that there are differences between this type of coverage and collision insurance. Both comprehensive car insurance coverage and collision protection can be purchased together and are sometimes bundled, but whether you want/need them both depends on your personal circumstances.

What is Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Comprehensive auto insurance is able to protect you from any damages to your vehicle that are a result of vandalism, fires, theft, and “Acts of God.” Examples of situations in which you would benefit from having comprehensive insurance include: having your car smashed and broken into by vandals. If this happened, your standard car insurance coverage would probably not be enough coverage to pay for all the damage on your car. If you have a nice car and your 22 inch customized rims were stolen along with your radio unit and seats from the inside, your insurance provider would allow you to file a claim and get proper reimbursement for the damages and stolen items.

Is Comprehensive Car Insurance Worth the Investment?

There are a lot of people out there that have standard coverage and are wondering whether it would be a good idea to get some comprehensive coverage for their vehicles. The truth is that you need to take a good look at your living location, driving habits, and assess whether it would be worth it to invest in this type of coverage. If you don’t take your vehicle out on the road much and it wouldn’t be very expensive to repair if it was damaged – then you probably don’t need comprehensive coverage. However, if you live in a very busy city and the possibility of your vehicle getting vandalized or stolen is higher than average, then it may be smart to take a look at getting comprehensive coverage if you can afford it.

If I were driving around in a Lamborghini (which I’m not, I’m just speaking in hypothetical terms), then I would make sure that I have really good insurance for it. If I could afford to buy one of these fancy luxury cars, then I would certainly want to invest money in the insurance for it. If I parked it in downtown Los Angeles and went shopping for a few hours only to come back to see that all of my tires were taken off and my windows were bashed in, I would want to have comprehensive car insurance to fall back on. Of course whenever vandalism, fires, and acts of God occur, you’re going to be upset as the driver. But you are going to be even madder if you do not have adequate insurance coverage to pay for the damages.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Costs More

The fact is that comprehensive auto insurance costs more than standard policies because it protects you for more things. If you want the advanced protection associated with comprehensive policies, then it would be a good idea to buy a policy. If you are considering the possibility of purchasing comprehensive insurance coverage, then think about the likelihood of something bad happening to your car and compare it to the price that you would be paying for a comprehensive cover. If it is worth the price, then go with the additional coverage, but if you can’t afford it and it doesn’t seem reasonable, then you should be fine with a standard policy.

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