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Comprehensive Car Insurance Vandalism Protection

Many people with comprehensive car insurance vandalism protection policies wonder what is exactly covered under this subcategory of protection. Although the exact coverage will vary among policies, “vandalism” protection coverage will protect your vehicle from any malicious destruction or damage to your vehicle. If you want protection for vandalism, though, you must have a comprehensive policy. Most standard car insurance policies do not provide vandalism protection and if you live in an area where vandalism to vehicles is fairly common, then you may want to consider upgrading your policy. Obviously the main advantages of having comprehensive coverage is that you will be protected in more situations, but the primary disadvantages have to do with cost; it is more expensive than average.

Car Insurance and Vandalism

Step 1: Contact the police

If you want your car insurance company to deal with vandalism that happens to your car, you will need to file a car insurance claim. But before you file a claim, you should know that the smartest thing to do is contact the police so that they can file a formal report and document all of the damages that occurred to your vehicle. Law enforcement agencies will generally write up a report that lists the damages that occurred to your car in detail so that they can send out a message to the community to watch out for vandals.

Step 2: Have the damages assessed

After the police have taken a close look at the vandalism on your car (e.g. new car scratches, spray paint, broken windshield, slashed tires, etc.) you will want to have the damages assessed. The reason that you will want these damages assessed is so that you know how much they will cost to replace. At this point, you will want to involve your comprehensive car insurance company so that they know about the damages. Many times you can give them a call or go online to the company website and look for an option to report a claim.

Step 3: File a car insurance vandalism claim

If you already know how to file a car insurance claim, then this is your next step in reporting the vandalism. When you file a claim, this lets your insurance company know what happened to your car and helps them decide how much money you need to be reimbursed for the damages. When you have finished the claims process, your insurance company will be able to instruct you as to what steps need to be taken to get your car damage fixed up.

Vandalism Can Be Really Annoying

Car vandalism can be really annoying to deal with, especially since it is usually pretty tough to catch the vandal (unless you have a camera installed – and even if you do have one, this will not guarantee catching who did it). The one way to guarantee yourself that you will be covered in vandalism is to get comprehensive car insurance coverage. Regular policies will usually require you to pay for vandal damages on your own. Think about whether you would like this coverage included in your policy and then decide whether it would be worth it to buy some vandalism protection.

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