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Comprehensive Car Insurance Definition

Basic Comprehensive Car Insurance Definition

Car insurance is more than a legal requirement these days. It is the only source of protection for you, your vehicle and for other drivers. Auto insurance coverage comes in many forms. The most common types are liability and collision insurance. However, these do not fully protect your vehicle. Comprehensive car insurance fills in the gaps left by liability and collision coverage and shields your vehicle against the unpredicted and unavoidable disasters of life. Comprehensive car insurance defends against acts of nature and criminal activity and provides more than just third party insurance coverage in the event of an accident.

What Comprehensive Car Insurance Protects

Examples of accidents it protects against are hail damage, flood damage, flying debris, vandalism and theft. Most of us have experienced at least one of these, even though none of them are expected. That unexpected nature is the core of comprehensive insurance. It often covers damage many believe their homeowners insurance would cover. For instance, a tree limb falling on the car parked in the driveway is rarely covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. Without comprehensive coverage, the car owner will have to pay out of pocket for all damages. Simply replacing a windshield can cost hundreds of dollars.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Cost

The return on the cost of this coverage can be immeasurable if a lot of damaged is caused in the event of an accident. Comprehensive car insurance can be relatively expensive, but the cost is calculated based on certain factors. The value of the car plays an obvious role. A foreign sports car (read: “sports car insurance for young drivers” for additional information) is more expensive to replace than an American made sedan. Location is also a key factor. Living in an area, such as Florida, that is prone to natural disasters, or in a city with a high crime rate, will greatly affect the charge for comprehensive auto insurance.

How Likely Is Your Car to Be Damaged?

The more likely your vehicle will be damaged by weather or criminal activity, the higher your insurance premium will be. Although moving is not usually an option, there are ways to lower the cost. Parking your vehicle in a garage or covered parking area protects your vehicle from damage. Anti-theft devices are also easy ways to lower the risk of your vehicle being stolen or falling victim to criminal mischief.

Insurance companies recognize the importance of these steps and they will be reflected in your insurance premiums. We cannot place a bubble around our valuables and guarantee that nothing will ever happen to them. Our cars, in particular, are exposed daily to other people’s actions, the weather, and the occasional twist of fate. Comprehensive car insurance is one of the few ways we can actively protect our vehicles against the consequences of life.  If you want to have comprehensive car insurance explained, read some follow up articles and talk to an insurance agent from the company from which you were thinking about buying it from.

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