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Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage: Acts Of God, Vandalism, & Theft

Comprehensive car insurance coverage will protect your vehicle under many circumstances, but not all of them. A lot of people assume that if they buy a comprehensive policy, that they are going to have protection no matter what happens to their vehicle. Although you do get a lot more coverage in comparison to standard car insurance, it is important to not make the assumption that everything is covered. Like any type of coverage, there are many benefits as well as some drawbacks associated with getting comprehensive auto insurance. Most of the benefits involve having more protection than average, while most of the drawbacks involve the amount of money that you pay for coverage.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage?

Comprehensive car insurance provides you with insurance coverage for “acts of God,” vandalism, fire, and theft. Many people are commonly confused when they think of comprehensive insurance because they may get aspects mixed up with collision coverage. Collision and comprehensive coverage are two different types of insurance, but you can have them both if you want to have maximum insurance on the road.

Acts of God Insurance

Anytime you see “Acts of God” covered by insurance, you should know that this refers to insurance for your vehicle if damage is inflicted through storms (e.g. tornadoes, hail damage, etc.), animals ruining your car, floods, and more. This subcategory of insurance pretty much covers you for all of the “freak” things that could happen to your vehicle that you probably would never predict. For example, if you had your vehicle parked outside on the side of the road and it started to rain, and the rain turned to golf ball sized hail and it broke your windshield – then your comprehensive policy would have you insured under “Acts of God.”

Vandalism Protection

I already wrote about comprehensive car insurance vandalism coverage, but I’ll briefly discuss it again for those of you who aren’t familiar with it. Anytime that someone damages your vehicle with malicious intentions, this is considered vandalism. An example of this could be that a gang spray paints your vehicle while you are at work. When you walk out to your car from work, all you can see is spray paint. If the gang slashed your tires and smashed your windshield, then you would probably be grateful that you had comprehensive auto insurance coverage because you would be insured.

Theft & Stolen Items

Anytime that something gets stolen out of your car, it will be covered under comprehensive insurance policies. I have a somewhat personal example of theft that happened to one of my friends. He had just gotten a new speaker system installed in his car and he had his iPod Touch hooked up to the speaker system so that it played music he liked. Anyways, he was visiting one of his friends and watching a movie at that friend’s house. He parked his car on his friend’s driveway.

After a few hours of movie watching, he went out to his car to go back home and his car was broken into – windows were smashed and his new speaker system and iPod were all gone. He never did find out who stole his stuff and broke into his vehicle (he lives in a big city), but he was lucky to find out that his insurance company would reimburse him for the stolen goods. All he had to do was file a car insurance claim and follow the steps with an insurance agent. If he would not have had comprehensive car insurance, he probably wouldn’t have gotten money back for his speakers and iPod Touch.

Not Everyone Needs Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

He is one of my only friends with comprehensive car insurance coverage, but he knows that it is a good investment since he lives in a very high traffic area and busy city. Not everybody needs this type of coverage, but it can be beneficial when living in a big city or an area where there is a lot of crime. Sure it costs more to have the advanced protection, but it may be well worth it in the end if something gets stolen, vandalized, or you are caught in a large hail storm.

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