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Colorado Car Insurance

If you live in the state of Colorado and do a lot of driving, you probably know how clean the roads are kept and how great the driving experience is for most people. As a driver in Colorado, you need to make sure that you have good Colorado car insurance coverage. The fact is that there are over 27,000 accidents and over 20,000 thefts that occur each year in the “Rocky Mountain state.” By selecting the right insurance for your vehicle, you will be able to drive with confidence and no worries.

For individuals that are in a hurry to get CO car insurance coverage as soon as possible, you can start out by entering your zip code at the top of the page and following through with the process. The most important thing for consumers to know is the minimal insurance requirements for all drivers in the state of Colorado. Not only is it important to know the minimal requirements though, it is important to understand whether the minimal is considered enough coverage by experts.

Minimum Colorado Car Insurance Requirements (25/50/15)

1. $25000 bodily injury (per person)
2. $50000 total bodily injury (per accident)
3. $15000 property damage (per accident)

Although having a minimal insurance policy in the state of CO is better than having nothing at all, it’s not a lot of coverage and certainly not what experts would recommend. It is recommended to get at least a 50% increase on each of the aspects of coverage. So instead of having $25000 in bodily injury coverage per person, you should have closer to $40000 worth of protection. If you want to be safe, talk to an insurance company about what they recommend and have them explain why they recommend it. Most will be able to give you statistics, percentages, and numbers that will convince you why you should decide to get more than the bare minimum.

Why Get More Coverage than the Minimum?

If you want a good Colorado auto insurance policy, you’re going to need more coverage than to just fulfill the basic requirements. The reason that you will want more than just the minimum requirements is because all it takes is one accident to cause a lot of financial damage. Let’s say that you’re involved in a crash and there is $22000 worth of property damage and $75000 in medical injuries.

If this is the case, you will end up paying $7000 out of your own bank account for property damage and you will be required by law to give up an additional $25000 for medical injuries for the accident. Instead of forking over a grand total of $32000 you could have upgraded your policy to higher coverage limits for a small payment of around $35 a month. What would you rather have: a whopping $32000 bill after an accident or be on a payment plan for $35 extra per month? Making the extra monthly payment is the obvious choice.

Finding the Top Colorado Car Insurance Companies

There are hundreds of companies to choose from in the state of Colorado when looking for a reliable auto insurer. A few of the top companies include: Progressive, State Farm, Nationwide, Geico, and AllState. Since the average monthly rate in CO is not too cheap, you’ll want to choose a reliable company that offers you the biggest discounts. What are some criteria to look for in an insurance company?

  • How many drivers they currently insure
  • What other customers think
  • Speed of handling claims
  • Whether they offer additional savings

It is also important to know that it is okay to choose a local insurance company if they offer the best deal. There are a lot of local companies to choose from whether you live in Denver or Boulder. With that said, it is important to do a thorough background check on any potential insurers so that you know you are with a company that you can trust in times of need.

Colorado Discounts: Enjoy Saving Money

There are plenty of savings opportunities for drivers that purchase CO auto insurance policies. Some of the best ways in which you can save yourself some extra money on your monthly payments include:

  • High credit rating discount
  • Bundling insurance discounts
  • Safe-driving discounts
  • Multiple car discounts

There are literally tons of ways in which you can save money on your auto insurance policy. In addition to the ways mentioned above, you can save money for being over 25 years old, avoiding accidents and traffic violations, keeping your vehicle stored in a secure place overnight (e.g. a garage), as well as by getting a joint insurance policy with other family members. Make sure that you always ask about discounts because not all companies will tell you every way to save!

Free Colorado Car Insurance Quotes Comparison

Do you want to get free Colorado auto insurance quotes from the comfort of your computer? If so, all you have to do is ENTER YOUR ZIP CODE at the TOP OF THE PAGE and click “Start!” The results that appear will be the leading insurance companies with the discounts that they offer. Your goal should be to compare all of the options that are presented to you. It’s also important to keep in mind that individual factors such as: your age, your sex, and where you live will be taken into account when you get your free quote. Hopefully all works out well and you get a reliable auto insurance policy in the state of Colorado!

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