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Cheap Second Car Insurance Policies and Coverage

Having one insurance policy for both your cars is a great financial and practical strategy. You only have to pay one premium and renew only one policy every year and this reduces costs and time spent dealing with insurance companies and brokers. Some companies even allow you to insure your wife’s car under your policy as a second car. This can be extremely beneficial if you’re driving and insurance records are clean and clear.

Understanding Car Insurance Policies for a Second Car

If you have been a good driver and do not have any serious accidents or traffic violations on your record, it is possible to reflect this condition on your second car insurance coverage and get preferential rates and conditions. Many insurance companies do this to acknowledge their appreciation of their clients’ clean records and the time they have driven without an accident or problem. In case you’re driving and accident records are not clean and pristine as expected, it may be a good idea for you to discuss this with your car insurance broker or company, adding a second car to your actual policy may be negative instead of positive.

Rules and regulations within insurance companies vary and they all have different ways of treating not only accident records but the way they calculate their premiums too. They also have different policies with regards to adding second cars to an existing policy so talk to them and get the story straight before committing. Sometimes it may be cheaper and better just to change insurance company and get the policy somewhere else. Never do anything or sign an insurance policy without shopping around, it is always possible to get a better deal around the corner.

As long as you don’t plan on getting a second vehicle insurance policy in a foreign country, you can count on savings (with the exception of SR22 car insurance, which are usually associated with increased rates).  However, if you are looking to get something like car insurance abroad, you usually will need to go through an international auto insurance company.  Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as people think to get cheap car insurance for international drivers compared to experienced drivers that are looking for a second policy in their home country.

Getting Cheaper Insurance with a Second Car

There is one way to cut down on speculation and on prices; this is to go directly to the insurance company for your quote. When you do this, you are elimination the middle man and his commission on the deal, even if he got a commission out of you on the first car, he will get another on your second car. When you go directly to the insurance company it is also possible to negotiate a better deal with them, they own the business, and they know how far they can go for you. You would be surprised how far and how cheap insurance companies are willing to go to get your business if you have a good record as a driver.

Whether you are single and own two cars or you are a family with multiple vehicles and drivers, buying 2nd car insurance under one joint-policy is the best way to go. It is possible to insure all your family cars in one policy, the problem will come with the insured drivers, every bodies record will be taken into account when the premium is calculated, young inexperienced or learning drivers will add a few bucks to your premium, and fast cars and motorcycles will too. Some companies will not insure learners or people with accident or speed records so it is necessary for you to shop around with both your cars and your family’s records in order to get a good deal.

Securing the Best Coverage for Your Situation

This does not mean that you have to go to every insurance company in town, no, try finding a couple online and also call their local office; they will gladly send an agent to your home who will explain all you need to know and will place before you the options they have to offer. It is not easy but it is possible to get a better deal on a second insurance car when you have children than if you try to get them independent insurance or their own policy. Insurance companies are not fond of inexperienced, new drivers who use their cell phones too much and have heavy feet on the gas.

Insurance companies have different incentives for you to insure your second car in the first policy, some of these include great discounts on the second car’s premium, or they will apply your no accident awards to the second car. Each insurance company has its own policies with regards to this so be attentive and do your research, many of them will not consider a second car insurance when there are drivers under a certain age included in the policy, sometimes this age may go all the way up to people under the age of twenty five. Accidents and problems with one person will affect everybody else’s performance, which means that any situation occurring with any driver will be noted in the other drivers’ records too, for insurance purposes.

Insure a Second Car & Save Money with Discounts

These are points to consider in case you have children or young adults that will be covered by your insurance policy on both your cars. When there is only you and your companion and you both have good driving and accident records, second car insurance on the same policy is definitely the way to go. The benefits that apply to both drivers are applied to the one policy and you may get fantastic discounts and awards for being responsible and staying out of trouble with your cars. It also make life much easier by managing both your vehicles with one policy, this means one payment, one renewal every year. This will apply to as many family, private cars as you may own.

Second car insurance policies for working, company cars have completely different rules and regulations. This is a completely different matter which has nothing to do with the topic on hand. The bottom line is that if you have a good, clean traffic record you will be able to buy cheap second car insurance.  How much you will be able to save on your policy depends on your driving history. If your record is not good, maybe separate policies will be the way to go, your insurance company will give you the available options for you to chose from. here is always a way to solve an insurance problem and there is always away to get good insurance at reasonable prices it all depends on the insurance company you go to and on your previous driving experience and history.

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