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Cheap Car Insurance for Young Adults Is Possible

Getting cheap car insurance for young adults can be a tough job for anyone, as they attempt to dodge the curveballs and pitfalls thrown at them by some of the companies who want to charge huge rates for even the most basic of insurance plans. This problem is no more evident than when it comes to young adults, who have only just passed their test and therefore have no experience to fall back on in the various companies’ eyes.

The problem that young drivers have is that they statistically get in to more accidents on the road, whether this is through their own recklessness or through their inexperience. Either way, this means that they represent a greater risk to insurance companies, who pass the cost of this risk back to young drivers.

There are some ways that these younger drivers can break through this financial barrier when it comes to insurance however, although some of them require a little bit of prior planning. Using these tips can, however, help to reduce the yearly insurance payments required by a car insurance company for hundreds of dollars.  In order to help you get a decent deal on your next insurance policy, I have put together some tips that you may want to consider when thinking about your insurance.  So what can be done to get reasonably cheap car insurance for young adults?

Buy a smaller car; it actually helps lower young adults car insurance rates

Now this advice might not be too helpful to someone already owning a vehicle and looking for insurance, but this is where the prior planning comes in. If a young driver goes out and buys a gas guzzling monster of a car, capable of huge acceleration and even greater speeds, then the insurance companies are going to worry. This is because they feel that an inexperienced driver won’t be able to control this type of car, and therefore be exceedingly prone to an accident.

Buying a smaller car, even though it might not look as cool, will knock chunks from the amount of car insurance a young driver has to pay. Smaller engines mean less speed, and therefore a smaller chance of being out of control when driving. This allows the insurance company to make a calculated risk and deem that the young driver can be insured for a smaller amount.  If you get a quick car insurance quote, you may not initially be asked about the size, make, and model of your car.  However, after you sign up for a policy, the insurance company you choose will ALWAYS look at your car size as a factor influencing the price.

Drive carefully and control impulsive driving

This applies to everyone who drives, but even more so to those who have only passed their test in the last few years. It is well known that most insurance companies offer good driver discounts to their customers, mainly as a way of keeping them using the same insurance company for a long while. While the cynical may look at this as a marketing ploy to make more money, there is still no doubt that these good driver discounts can make a massive difference when the price of young adult car insurance is in question.

Someone who drives for just one year without an accident could be able to claim around a 20% the next year due to not making a claim on their motor insurance, which can represent a saving of hundreds of dollars. When this is multiplied over a few years, then the price of car insurance falls dramatically.

The reason it is vital to drive carefully is that should a person claim from their motor insurance, they will revert to paying their normal cost – a cost that could be many hundreds of dollars higher than their previous price. Looking after a good driver discount is absolutely essential when a person has only been driving for a short while.

Shop around, know your options to get cheap car insurance for young adults

In the USA there are thousands upon thousands of different motor insurance companies, all of which offer their own incentives to draw drivers in to using their services over the others. At any one time there will be many different offers being advertised in local media or on national television and a new driver would do well to investigate them all.

In addition to these companies there are also many who specialize in insuring younger drivers, meaning that they can offer lower prices and an expert service in this area. Always remember to look closely at the paperwork though and double check that there are no hidden clauses that could come back to bite in the event of needing to make a claim.  Don’t hesitate to look for estimates online – it’s pretty darn easy and doesn’t take as much time as most people think!  Heck, you can even get a quote on this website at the top if you enter your zip code.

Haggle with the insurance companies

It must be remembered that all insurance companies are in this business for money. They want as many customers as they can get and for that reason they are always open to some reasonable negotiating. The first process in this is to speak to all the insurance companies and get quotes – this will provide ammunition for the driver when ringing them to haggle. Additionally it will fulfill the previous point made, regarding shopping around.

After all of these prices have been acquired, ring them back and say that you want them to match the cheapest price. This can be done repeatedly until the price has gone as low as it can go, and will often save hundreds of dollars.

Take courses and learn how to become a better driver

Many states offer young adult drivers the chance to take additional courses after they have passed their driving test, which gives them extra experience when it comes to driving. These courses – such as a defensive driving course – will prove to the insurance company that a driver is a safer one than normal, meaning that they will be encouraged to lower the price of the insurance offer.

By using all of these techniques then a younger driver will always be able to take a significant amount away from their initial insurance quote. They will still be paying more than an older driver, but the difference won’t be quite so painful anymore.  Hopefully you come out a winner and don’t end up paying more than you need to for your insurance as a young adult!  Note to parents of teen drivers: Always make sure you are getting the cheapest car insurance for young adults that you can while still maintaining a reasonable amount of coverage.  Most kids will need your help with their first insurance policy, so don’t be afraid to offer them a helping hand and give them some tips!

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