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Cheap Car Insurance For Veterans

The United States insurance market is one that many people find themselves unable to fathom, leaving them stuck paying high prices when they know that they should be paying less. While veteran drivers do usually get a better deal than those of a younger age, there is still always the opportunity to drive the costs down further and therefore save some extra pennies for other pursuits. There are certainly companies that provide car insurance for military members, but they cannot usually guarantee you the best deal. They may be able to provide some extra savings, so they are worth checking out if you are a war veteran, but don’t expect them to provide miraculously cheap insurance.

How To Get Cheap Car Insurance For Veterans

There are numerous different tactics that a veteran can use to save money though. I took the time to outline some below and go into more detail regarding some simple techniques you can use to save. Just using one of these different tips could really have an impact on helping you save money on your insurance policy. Obviously every veteran is different in regards to credit score, type of car owned, whether comprehensive coverage is required, and how much they can afford to spend on insurance. Check up on some of the advice below to see if you could benefit.

Do You Own a Small or a Large Car?

Even though a veteran has often been driving for their whole adult life, the amount of risk they pose to other road users will often be determined largely by the size of the engine in their car – which is standard practice across all age groups.

For example, a 2.5 liter truck has more potential to cause serious damage – leading to large bills for the insurance company to pay in the event of an accident. A 1.2 liter city car has far less potential for damage, which means that the insurance company doesn’t run the risk of huge expenses in the event of an incident.

For younger drivers, there is also the factor of them not being able to sufficiently control a car with more power. This is not so vital with veteran drivers, as their experience of driving should make them competent. It will be a small factor though, perhaps adding a few dollars on per year for those with larger vehicles.  This is a tip I often recommend to people looking to get car insurance for young adults as well because it does help younger individuals save small amounts of money in some cases.

Veteran Car Insurance With A Specializing Provider

When using a company that provides anyone with insurance, many veteran drivers will often find that they are paying over the odds in order to make younger drivers’ insurance bills smaller. This is obviously done so that the insurance company can attract as many customers as possible, but isn’t entirely fair on the veteran.

There are however many specialist companies that only offer insurance to those over a certain age (i.e. car insurance for older drivers). This means that these companies never have to pay out when a young driver has an accident due to inexperience or stupidity. The effect of this is to ensure that they offer the lowest possible prices to their customers, safe in the knowledge that they won’t need to pay large insurance settlements anywhere near as often.

These companies can be found in various places, but are usually seen on television advertisements and on the internet. Any veteran looking to insure their car should certainly check them out first.

The Importance of Negotiation and Persistence with Insurance Companies

Whether the veteran uses a specialist company or not, there is still always room for negotiation when it comes to getting motor insurance. This is because each company sets their price high initially, anticipating people trying to haggle then down to a better price – it is just a bonus for them if their initial offer is accepted.

By comparing companies and playing them off against each other, the savvy insurance customers can knock hundreds of dollars from their quote, therefore making a huge saving all through doing a little background work. In fact, there are even a number of websites that will get all of the prices for you in under a couple of minutes.

Careful Driving Helps Lower Veterans Car Insurance Prices

Although veteran drivers are renowned for driving in a far more careful manner than their younger counterparts, it is still imperative that they ensure that they continue to do so. This is mainly to do with the fact that their good driver discount is going to be very high, and therefore represent a huge saving for insurance costs.

If this good driver discount is lost, the veteran could find themselves paying hundreds of dollars more than they are used to, even if they follow the other tips included in this article.

Although it might cost slightly more, one great idea is to protect the good driver discount with the insurance company. This means that in the event of a claim, the discount is not affected, and this usually only costs slightly more.

Maintaining Physical Health May Have an Impact

Keeping fit may sound like on odd piece of advice to those veterans looking to get cheaper car insurance, but the fact is that all insurance companies take a person’s fitness in to account when making a quote. Fitness is taken in to account because of the risk of someone becoming unwell while driving, which could then very possibly lead to an accident. This means that regularly exercising will help to ensure that a veteran doesn’t have to declare a history of serious illness on their application.

This has more of an effect when all insurances are bundled (i.e. health, car, homeowners, etc.). It should be much easier to get a good deal on car insurance for a veteran in comparison to trying to get cheap car insurance for young men that are not actively enlisted in the military. As long as you didn’t get into any major accidents, get thrown in jail, and aren’t looking for high performance car insurance, you should be able to get a reasonable price on your policy. Hopefully you found some of the tips helpful and can implement them in your shopping for a policy.

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