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Cheap Car Insurance For Girls USA, UK, Ireland

From the beginning of time it has been said that women are the worst drivers in the world, that the worst male driver is better than the best female driver and many other fantasies and myths invented by male chauvinists and non-believers. The truth of the matter is that insurance companies all over the world have done studies and keep statistics with regards to this matter and women are generally better, less risky drivers than men. Insurance company statistics show that women drivers have fewer fatal accidents than men. In fact women pay lower premiums than men do and womens car insurance is generally cheaper than that for males.

Basics of Car Insurance for Girls

The fact is that these statistics originated and have been recorded for some time now, they started somewhere around the fifties or sixties when women stayed at home and used their cars to go to the supermarket and the beauty parlor. Distances were shorter and people were relaxed and took their time in doing things. These records started way back when women were not very active and many of them did not even drive. Today years later these statistics are slowly changing, women are driving more, they do the same jobs men do and have more chances to get into accidents.

Although some say that even though there are fewer women than men on the roads at any given time during the day, when they crash or have accidents these have fewer consequences than those that involve only men. Women do not drive recklessly and they are not usually in a rush to get anywhere. The important point to the insurance company is that when they do crash or injure someone it is usually not as serious as the damages caused in accidents where there are male participants.

Cheaper Insurance for Girls

Even though the trend may be changing slightly, the fact remains that car insurance for women drivers is cheaper than male’s insurance. This applies only for a personal insurance, if you have a policy covering both, the insurance company will charge the highest premium and not the lowest per person. Women who have good driving records will usually get preferential treatment when buying insurance then men, even if the man is a sedentary person who does not go too far, the women will always be considered a lower risk. This is why when a couple is trying to buy insurance for their cars, it is important for them to research both options, independent policies and one policy for both.

Since studies have determined that women drive with greater care and responsibility than men, it is possible for a woman who has a clean driving record to get excellent premiums when renewing or buying a new insurance policy. The first place she should research is online insurance companies, ask for several quotes from them so asking for the coverage you want to get an idea of the possible price range you will be in. Do not jump at the lowest price, read and compare what each company is offering for the money they are asking, some may offer great deals with terrible coverage. Others may seem expensive but are offering you full coverage in their insurance policy.

How to Get the Cheapest Deal as a Girl

Price is not the only thing to consider when buying insurance for women, coverage is more important because paying a little money for little coverage is like having no insurance. Women have the possibility of getting excellent deals because they are considered low risk by the insurance companies. This does not include teen age girls and in experienced drivers, they get treated in much the same way men get treated. It is experienced women drivers who get the special treatment and prices. Their skill on the roads has been proved and insurance companies love them.

Young girls trying to get insurance may be treated a little better than boys in the same position but their premiums will be high. It is possible that it will decrease the next time the policy is renewed if the girl driver has behaved and has no accidents or traffic tickets. The only way whether you are a man or a woman to keep your insurance premiums low and acceptable is to stay away from trouble. Accidents, traffic tickets and other moving violations will not harm you immediately but they can be killers when you try to renew your insurance policy.

Girls in the UK, Ireland, and USA: How to Get Cheaper Rates

Although it is still possible for women to get insurance cheaper than men, this trend is changing. New studies done in the United States and in Europe show that the new breed of women, the women that go out of their homes to work and are executives and business managers are equally and even more aggressive drivers than their male counterparts. These are women who are constantly on the run and lead active, productive lives, they know they are equal to men and do not mind showing it.

This new breed of executive woman is now out there on the highways, fighting to get on time to meetings and the office, they also have an extra burden men do not carry, many of them also run their homes and pick their kids up at school and go to the supermarket and the football field and dance classes. These are superwomen who take the cell phone in one hand, the makeup kit in the other, and look at themselves in the rearview mirror with one eye and at the road with the other. They are more stressed and overworked than men have ever been; they drive hard and fast too.

Check out how much money you stand to save as a girl

Now is the moment to buy relatively cheap car insurance for females, there are plenty of good deals out there. Whether you buy an insurance policy today or in a week, remember to always read the details carefully, ask about things and terms you do not understand, shop around for several possible providers and finally chose your insurance company by comparing services, coverage, reputation and price, not only because they are the cheapest. Buying insurance because it is cheap is not the best way to do it, always look at the type of policy, and how much coverage you are getting for your dollar or Euro.  And feel good about the fact that you are paying way less than people that need to get car insurance for young male drivers.

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