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How To Get (Reasonably Cheap) Car Insurance for 17 Year Olds

It’s just one year after you’ve gotten your license and you’re a 17 year old driver. Well, you will need to get some sort of auto insurance so that you can legally drive the car that you have. Most people at this age search on the internet for cheap car insurance for 17 year olds and are disappointed when they don’t find what they were looking for.

Yeah you can get some good auto insurance deals by looking online, but do you honestly think that you are going to get a really cheap rate as a brand new driver? If you do, then you’re in for a wake up call because younger drivers that are under the age of 25 tend to pay more for insurance coverage because they are labeled as having a high amount of risk.

How to Get (Reasonably Cheap) Car Insurance for 17 Year Olds

If you are a 17 year old driver and want to get a “cheap” policy, you can do so by going with whatever company offers the lowest rate. In order to do this, you will need to know how to gather quotes. In order to get multiple quotes from different companies, you will want to go to the websites of as many auto insurers that you can trust and fill out an electronic form that allows you to get a free quote. After you have gotten the quotes (usually emailed) sent to you, you will be able to figure out which company offers the lowest price. Now, the quote is not necessarily impressive at a low rate if the coverage is poorer than average.

For example, if you go out and buy only a third party policy, you are going to end up paying less than a person who gets fully comprehensive insurance. It is up to you to decide on the amount of coverage that you are going to need as a 17 year old driver. So it is definitely possible to get cheap policies for a 17 year old, but the coverage might be lacking if you are getting a very low rate. Sometimes it is a much better deal to take a slightly higher rate and pay a little bit of extra money towards your premiums because you get more coverage.

Understanding: Why Car Insurance for 17 Year Olds is Typically Expensive

The reason that 17 year old car insurance is somewhat expensive compared to average is because auto insurers group customers that they insure by age. If you are in the age bracket ranging from 16 years old to 25 years old, you will always have a higher rate based on your age. People that are older, and have proven that they are good drivers will get a lower overall insurance price because they don’t have to worry about being perceived as a driver with higher risk. There is a lot of data that shows auto insurers that young people get into a lot more accidents and involved with more auto damage than other age groups.

Exercise Your Right to Save

Don’t assume that you can’t save money on an auto insurance policy for 17 year olds. There are always going to be ways to save. If you plan on driving (which I’m assuming you do), you’re going to need to first get a good insurance policy. Don’t think that you can skip out on insurance at this age because one accident could put you in financial debt for a long time.

When you have insurance, ask about ways to save money (such as by getting good grades in school) and by maintaining a clean driving record (e.g. no speeding tickets). You won’t be young for long, so be sure to always try to be a smart driver so that you set yourself up for an even lower rate in the future.

When you are a young driver, the price of your insurance is much higher than average. This is mostly due to the fact that you are not as experienced as others are on the road. A lot of people want to know, “How much is car insurance for a 17 year old driver?” The truth is that there are a lot of situational factors that will end up being factored into the final price.

However, after reviewing most data, my sources seem to show that the average auto insurance price for a 17 year old is roughly $2000 dollars per year; this is how much they end up spending on their premiums. Factors such as: the company that you sign up with, where you live, and when you sign up (e.g. month of the year) all play a role in determining your annual rate as a teenager.

Asking Parents About Bundling Car Insurance Coverage to Save Money

The easiest way to get a good deal on your insurance coverage as a 17 year old driver is by asking your parents about their insurance. If you are able to bundle your insurance coverage with their provider, you will probably be able to get a better deal than having to buy it on your own. In other words, you will want to get a joint policy with family members because you will get a cheaper price. At this age, it is important to get acquainted with a good insurer and quality coverage that you can depend on.

Getting Auto Insurance on your own

If you aren’t able to rely on your parents for helping you out with insurance, you will want to do research on your own. Using the internet and searching around will help you discover some good insurers. You should always read car insurance reviews of companies before you buy a policy through them. It is likely that you will come across some very good deals, but you will want to make sure that the company is legitimate and that they provide good coverage for the money that you will be spending on a policy.  When you have found some good companies, all that you will need to do is compare quotes and coverage; then choose the policy with the best priced coverage.

Different Prices for 17 Year Olds: Everybody has a Unique Level of Risk

Not every person getting insurance for a 17 year old male will pay the same rate or the average of $2000. Similarly, multiple people looking for a policy for a 17 year old female will probably get different offers. The price that you will pay will be dependent on your risk factors, where you live (i.e. if you live in a big city, expect to pay more), and the type of vehicle that you will be driving. If you drive a luxurious vehicle or sports car, your rates will be higher than someone who drives a used, older car. Although getting policies for teenagers can be much more expensive than for other age groups, it is necessary if they plan on driving.

Getting cheap car insurance at age 17 is not only confusing, but seems damn near impossible for most. Often times people ask questions to themselves like: What type of coverage should I get? Which insurer should I go with? How can I save additional money on my auto insurance? These are some very common questions young drivers ask about insurance because it can be somewhat confusing when you’re just learning about it. If you just got your license and are looking for a cheap price on your insurance coverage, there are some things that you should know first. The very first thing that you should know is that personal factors can influence the cost of your insurance.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Auto Insurance (at 17 Years of Age)

1). The car that you drive – The make and model of car that you drive can play a huge role in determining the amount of money that you pay for your insurance coverage. If you are driving a sports car or getting around in a ride that is above-average in price, then your insurance price will be increased. The reason that you will pay more money (in most cases) for a more expensive car is because the parts are more expensive to replace if you were to get into an accident or if they were damaged in any way.

2). Where you live – People that live in a very busy city with higher-than-average accident rates are more at risk for paying more on their insurance. Insurers collect data throughout the country about accident rates and the overall likelihood that you will get into an accident. If your community has a low amount of accidents and doesn’t have extremely busy driving conditions, you will probably stand to save some money compared to a person that lives and drives in a big city like Los Angeles.

3). How old you are – You probably already knew that age had an influence on the cost of your insurance, but in case you didn’t I’ll let you know that younger drivers end up paying more. They pay more because accident rates are much higher for drivers under 25 than any other age group. Since insurance companies already know that you are at higher risk of being involved with a crash, they charge more.

Getting a Cheaper Rate as a Proud 17 Year Old Driver

If you want to guarantee yourself a policy that provides you (as a 17 year old) with cheaper coverage, you will need to motivate yourself to compare multiple insurance providers. You will want to compare the amount of coverage that they offer as well as the price that they will charge for their insurance. After you have taken these factors into account, you will want to see how many discounts they offer for you for getting a 17 year olds car insurance policy.

Most of the companies will offer savings if you take additional driving courses to learn more about the road as well as savings for doing well on your school report card and avoiding accidents/claims. It is your responsibility to research and find out the company that will give you the cheapest coverage that is available. A great deal on auto insurance as a young driver is not going to find you; you must be willing to search for it.

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