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Car Insurance Quotes For Teenagers

It’s a well known fact that teenagers in general find it particularly difficult to get affordable car insurance for teens, and this is especially true when they first pass their driving test. Many reputable car insurance companies refuse to even quote for teenage drivers, meaning that youngsters often have to pay much more per annum than seasoned drivers with a similar policy.  The main reason teenage car insurance quotes are so high is that this age category is responsible for a large percentage of road traffic accidents. Some are due to speeding and other forms of careless driving while others are simply due to a lack of real life road experience. Regardless of the cause, accidents that involve teenage drivers are a constant problem and as such car insurance quotes for teenagers are, more often than not, excessively high.

How To Get Good Car Insurance Quotes for Teenagers

There are several ways to lower the quotes provided by car insurance providers. These include:

Taking additional driver safety courses

Sitting through and passing non-compulsory driver safety courses shows a potential car insurer that you, as a teenager, are mature enough to see the benefits of real life driving practice out on the roads. These courses are often only a few days in length but they can lower teenage insurance quotes by up to 40%.

Keeping a clean drivers record

Although this doesn’t necessarily apply to the initial quotes you’ll get as a teenager, it will apply in the following years. A clean license can reduce car insurance quotes by 10% each year whereas a single DWI conviction can increase quotes tenfold for at least three years. Driving carefully with due care and attention is one of the easiest ways to reduce teenage car insurance quotes during their first few years of driving.

Driving a safe model of car

A lot of people mistakenly think that old model cars are cheaper to insure than newer cars. While this may be true in some cases it isn’t necessarily true in the case of teenage drivers. Cars that have anti-lock brakes, airbags, traction control, and other safety devices are considered better for novice drivers, and as such car insurance companies offer lower premiums to those who drive them, including teenagers.

Car Insurance Prices for Teens Are Always Going To Be High

Car insurance quotes for teens are always going to be high, simply because of the risk they pose to themselves and other road users. Saying that there are ways to reduce such quotes and these methods should be employed whenever possible. Make sure that you gather more than one car insurance quote for teenagers and only buy insurance through a company that you trust. If you do your research, you should be able to find a good young car insurance policy and save some money as well.

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