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Car Insurance Quotes For Students

As a college student, you’re on your own and you have to take care of many things that your parents used to take care of in the past; one of those things happens to be car insurance. When you were a teenager, you were probably covered on a subsection of your parents’ car insurance policy, but now that you’re on your own, you need to buy car insurance for yourself.

This can be confusing, but doing a little research will prepare you to find the best auto insurance for your needs as a student. Most of the time, getting car insurance quotes for students isn’t really that tough to do, but you should make sure that you understand some types of coverage that you can get so that you know what to expect from each policy.

Finding Car Insurance Quotes For Students

Car insurance covers a lot of different things, and the different types of coverage available can be confusing. The basic type of coverage most cheap car insurance policies provide is liability coverage. Liability means something that you are responsible for, so liability coverage ensures that the insurance company will pay for any injuries or damage that you are liable, or responsible, for if you get in an accident.

Usually liability coverage usually pays for medical bills as well as damage to the other driver’s car or property, though the amounts they will pay will vary. Read your policy because if the insurance company doesn’t pay for everything, you may get stuck with a major bill.

There is definitely a difference between getting the best car insurance quotes for students and getting one’s that are cheap.  When trying to find out what is best, make sure that you understand the amount of coverage that you are getting for your money.  If you aren’t getting much coverage, a low quote may not be worth getting.  However, if you are getting a comprehensive car insurance coverage policy, it may be beneficial to pay a little bit more money because you are getting more protection as a driver.

Getting Comprehensive Quotes For Students

If you’re worried about not getting paid for damage to your own car, you might look into comprehensive and collision coverage. Collision coverage ensures that the insurance company will help you pay for damage to your car if you get into an accident. Be careful, though, because most collision coverage also comes with a deductible, or an amount of money that you have to pay before your insurance company starts paying. For example, let’s say you get $1,500 worth of damage to your car, and your deductible is $500. You have to pay $500, and your insurance company will pay $1,000.

Keep in mind that insurance companies lower your monthly rate by including high deductibles, so make sure to read your policy. Another kind of coverage that might be good to get is called comprehensive coverage, which means that the insurance company will reimburse you for damage to your car because of theft, vandalism, or other events like fires, floods, and hail. Comprehensive coverage may also cover personal property from your car. IF you’ve ever had your car broken into, you know what a hassle it can be. Having comprehensive coverage can help you get through that, and even give you money to buy back your stuff.

Student Driver Discounts

Most car insurance companies offer discounts to good students. You can qualify for a good student insurance discount if you are in school full time and have a certain GPA, usually a B or above. Some of these student discounts are limited by age, so check with your insurance agent for details. You can also save money on your car insurance by being a good driver. If you haven’t been in an accident and you haven’t gotten any tickets, you can qualify for good driver discounts as well. Also, if you don’t usually drive your car very far because you live on campus, you might get lower rates.

Start your research on the internet

When you first decide to look up student car insurance quotes, you will want to do a search on the internet. Find companies that you trust and make a list of the companies that that have gotten good reviews from trusted reviewers (e.g. Better Business Bureau). Once you have made a list of some quality car insurers, you can ask them whether they have any special deals for students. Getting quotes as a student is not going to be any different than any other person looking for auto insurance, so don’t think that you need to find a special website or company just because you are a student. Your savings will be factored into your premiums after you purchase a policy.

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