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Car Insurance For Nurses: More Savings for RN’s?

Getting cheaper car insurance for nurses is certainly possible in some places, but not all places. As a nurse, you probably feel as though you should be entitled to get a cheaper rate on your auto insurance than most others because of the type of job that you have; caring for other people on a daily basis. Most medical facilities and companies have insurance policies available to their employees. However, not every medical facility is required to give nurses (or any employee for that matter), complementary auto insurance coverage. If you are a nurse and have heard of other nurses that got free or discount car insurance as part of a perk for their job, then consider them lucky; not every nurse will get it.

Auto Insurance as a Perk for Registered Nurses: Is it in Your Benefits Package?

If you want to make sure that you are not missing out on an opportunity to get auto insurance through your work, make sure that you check with the human resources department at your medical facility. Many large medical companies will be affiliated with certain insurers and will be able to get you cheaper prices on your auto insurance (assuming you are a nurse). Buying auto insurance for businesses (e.g. large medical companies) allows for greater savings than individualized policies because a lot of people are all getting their coverage through one insurer from the same company (i.e. a bulk purchase). When companies buy coverage in bulk for hospital and medical staff (including nurses), the price per policy significantly drops.

In some cases, it drops so much that doctors and nurses may get their auto insurance for free directly through their company. Wherever you work will likely have a human resources department that you can go to in order to find out more about auto insurance that is provided through your company. By checking with human resources, they will be able to tell you what the company provides and which employees are eligible to receive coverage.

Cornmarket Car Insurance for Nurses

The Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd. works with nurses on many different occasions to provide them with auto insurance coverage. Their policy is called the “nurses car insurance scheme” and is aimed at providing nursing staff with low cost auto insurance. Many nurses that don’t have auto insurance included as a company perk/benefit will decide to get in touch with Cornmarket.

This way, they can usually get a better deal than they would be able to if they went with a mainstream insurance provider. This type of nurse car insurance is not meant for everyone though. It will provide benefits such as: unlimited windscreen coverage, a no claims bonus protection, malicious damage coverage, and 24-hour accident/breakdown assistance. It is up to you to decide whether this particular company offers a policy that you think is acceptable for your needs as a nurse.

Other Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Nurses

If you are not getting any help from your company with getting a deal on some auto insurance, consider taking the time to shop online. You can always compare quotes and figure out which companies provide additional savings for nurses. It is a good idea to call up several companies that you have considered for your insurance and see whether they offer advanced saving opportunities for registered nurses.

Nurses that don’t like the idea of shopping on their own can always get in touch with a car insurance broker. A broker will help you sort out your options and may even have some recommendations of specialized providers for nurses. Anyways, if you keep looking for a car insurance policy, you should be able to find one that is affordable for you as a nurse and that offers some savings as a result of your profession.

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