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Car Insurance For Drivers In Mexico: Why You Still Need Good Coverage

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, and are planning on doing the driving yourself, you must be sure to remember that having auto insurance is absolutely necessary. The problems you can run into without insurance while driving in Mexico are just not worth the risk of being uninsured.  You want to be protected as you drive through Mexico because something as a simple accident could delay your return home, and even land you in jail if you fail to get a policy in advance.

Buying Car Insurance for Drivers in Mexico

What you may not know is that the American car insurance you carry to drive in the U.S. is not valid within Mexico. Once you get across the border, you must have a policy with a company in Mexico in order to drive legally. You will need a liability insurance that specifically covers any losses and damages to be considered a legal driver. If you are pulled over without proper car insurance paperwork, you will likely end up taking an unexpected detour to a Mexican jail; this would NOT bode well for a person on vacation. What makes matters worse, if you don’t have adequate insurance and are involved in an accident, you could be locked up until you are able to prove the ability to pay for damages.

How to Get the Best Deal on Insurance in Mexico

Mexican policies have gone through various changes to more resemble U.S. policies, but much like you should shop for the best rate in the U.S., you must do the same in Mexico. It is so easy to wind up with a policy that is too much, and it is also easy to get into a policy you don’t fully understand. There was a time when vandalism and other common crimes weren’t covered, and just getting the vehicle covered would cost 10% of the vehicle’s value, however, things have greatly changed with much better coverage and a much lower rate. Doing the research to find the best insurance coverage while you are in Mexico can be done online or by phone, and can lead you to a great policy that provides great coverage.

Where to Buy Insurance if You’re Traveling from the U.S. to Mexico

As you get closer to the Mexican border, you will find more and more companies offering Mexican car insurance to U.S. drivers. These companies will offer various rates and different coverage, and will likely have different limits as well. Once you cross the border, you can actually find various stores that offer this insurance to U.S. drivers for a low rate, but you still want to find a company that can offer a credible service. Getting Mexican car insurance is extremely easy and can be done in several places. Once you begin driving past the border zone, you want to be sure that you have the proper documentation and insurance to keep out of trouble and riding safe.

Rental Car Insurance for Travelers

If you are a visitor to the country of Mexico, you can get rental car insurance to protect you while you are traveling. Many people that travel to other countries like the luxury of driving around in a rental car because it gives them more opportunities to explore. If you are a person that wants to rent a vehicle, keep in mind that you should probably get insurance to cover the numerous things that could happen (e.g. accident, theft, etc.) while you are renting.

Why you should get insurance in Mexico

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter whether you need to get car insurance as a European driver or U.S. insurance as a traveler, it is essential that you stay insured no matter which country you’re visiting. If you get into an accident without insurance, it could be a total nightmare.  Don’t ruin your vacation or any travels by neglecting your insurance needs.  Sure there are other methods of travel if you don’t want to drive in Mexico, but if you take the wheel – you had better have good coverage.  Note to people considering alternatives:  Take advantage of their city bus system and taxis.

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