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Car Insurance For Learner Drivers a.k.a. People Just Learning How To Drive

Car insurance for learner drivers is essentially an auto insurance policy that insures teens that are in the process of learning how to drive. Many companies provide auto insurance for young drivers that have their temporary licenses, but these policies are not usually very cheap. Since you will want your son or daughter to have insurance when they are driving (even if they are just practicing for their license), it is a good idea to start looking at providers as soon as possible. All it takes is one accident or mistake when learning how to drive and if the learner driver is “at fault” for the accident, it could really cause some problems for them. If they do not have adequate insurance coverage, this could get them into trouble with the law. Although most learner drivers are usually with an instructor and is going to drive as carefully as possible, accidents can still happen.

Understanding “Learner Drivers” – People Learning How To Drive

A person that is just learning how to drive has to go through a lot carrying the label “learner driver.” Most of the time, they are required to take a written test as well as learn about some basic driving information before taking the wheel of a vehicle. When they get their “temporary drivers license” they are authorized to drive with their parents or a certified student driver instructor. Learner drivers tend to make many mistakes due to the fact that they are just learning how to handle the road. People that have driven for a long time usually don’t over analyze everything on the road and driving seems “easy.” The reason that driving gets easier is because you are through with the learning stage and have gotten years of experience.

People that are learning to drive may feel safe on the road with the company of an instructor and/or their parents, but just because those people are in the car does not mean that an accident will never happen. Since nobody plans on getting into an accident, most people go out and buy insurance coverage. Getting the best car insurance for learner drivers is a pretty easy process, but you should expect to pay more for your insurance than average due to the fact that new drivers are riskier to insurance companies because they tend to make more mistakes on the road.

Why Car Insurance For A Learner Driver Is Important

People that are just learning to drive may not understand the importance of having car insurance. Most drivers education classes will likely explain the traffic rules and regulations as well as insurance options. Back when I took drivers education classes, I had an insurance agent come in and speak to our class. He talked about every aspect of insurance including whether it is necessary to get comprehensive car insurance policies, how his company dealt with car insurance claims, some myths about car insurance, as well as aspects of coverage including third party car insurance liability protection. If you don’t yet know about the various aspects of auto insurance and haven’t talked about it with anyone, you can always ask someone that is more knowledgeable like your parents or an insurance agent.

There is a lot of good information about getting car insurance for a learner driver that is available for free online. If you are the parent of a teenager that is just learning to drive with his or her temps, it would be smart to explain various aspects of insurance to them so that they know what to expect. Also, talk about the cost of car insurance and decide whether they will need to contribute some money towards paying it or whether you are going to pick up the tab for them. When I first learned how to drive, my parents didn’t explain car insurance to me and I was really confused by it when I first started learning about it. They paid for it all – which I’m glad they did because it saved me some money in the end. Although I was only getting used car insurance for an old car, saving money was nice at the time. Anyways, be sure to talk to your teens about things that they should be aware of regarding auto insurance.

Explaining auto insurance coverage

Making sure that learner drivers understand car insurance coverage is definitely a good idea. It will help them understand what happens after an accident. Explaining things like being “at fault” in an accident and how this can affect insurance prices is a very good idea. It is also a good idea to explain why a certain type of coverage was needed (e.g. comprehensive for an expensive vehicle, modified car insurance for a vehicle with alterations, etc.). If you need help explaining auto insurance, be sure to read through your policy and show your teen the various aspects that you are paying for. Explain what a “deductible” is as well as what “premiums” are; this will give them knowledge that they need in the real world.

Helping new drivers understand claims

Understanding the way that your auto insurance company handles claims is a great idea as well. Car insurance claims can be fairly complex, so if a situation ever arises in which the learner driver ever needs help filing out a claims report, they will already have some knowledge about what it is and how to go through with the process. If you have good car insurance for learner drivers, you probably will get a lot of assistance from your insurance provider when it comes to claims, but the new driver should still know what they are and how they work.

Explain why it is hard to get inexpensive car insurance

When drivers are new or just learning the rules of the road, insurance prices are going to be higher. Auto insurance companies are constantly gathering data about drivers and they know that it is not a good idea to offer cheap car insurance for learner drivers. The reason that it is tough to get cheap first time car insurance is because they have the highest risk on the road. As they gain more experience (after years), the price they pay will decrease. Explain why this is the case and help the learner driver understand how car insurance rates are calculated.

Staying Safe with Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

Setting up a policy in advance so that a learner driver is prepared with insurance when they get their license is very smart to do. If you have already explained auto insurance to your teen, they will have more knowledge of why they are paying for coverage and how being insured could be very useful in the future. In most places in the United States, car insurance is required for every driver to have, but you should know that sometimes people do get into accidents without any insurance. In this case, the people without insurance can get into a lot of legal trouble and may even go to jail. It is very important to always be protected with insurance while driving, no matter if you are in the learning phase (e.g. drivers education) of your driving or if you have 10 years of experience.  If you are looking for an insurance policy, be sure to read some car insurance reviews before you make a decision to buy coverage.

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