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Car Insurance for Drivers with Medical Conditions

Obtaining the best possible auto insurance at an affordable price involves scouring the market and finding a company whose policy options are a good fit for the individual, and anyone classified as a high risk driver will find this process somewhat difficult. Those with certain medical conditions may be automatically put into a category that means higher premiums, even if the driver has a clean record.

Car Insurance for Drivers with Medical Conditions

Basically, auto insurance companies compile a list of categories that are considered high-risk, and these categories include a new driver, whether teen or adult, those with multiple traffic infractions on their record, drivers who have a poor credit rating, males under 25 years of age and all drivers over 70 years of age. Also included are persons with medical conditions that could affect their driving performance. Such conditions would be impaired hearing, a history of heart problems, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, a debilitating condition such as Parkinson’s disease, or any confirmed mental disability can impair driving.

Combined with the above factors are the geographical location of the driver’s residence, the type of car, the number of miles driven per week or month, and whether the majority of those miles are commuting to and from work. Any driver that has been placed in a high-risk category is sure to have the insurance company take these other factors into close consideration; they play a much larger role in determining the actual premium offered as opposed to a healthy driver with a clean record. Insurance companies are concerned about the possibility that a driver could lose control of his/her vehicle if certain medical conditions such as a heart attack or stroke occur while operating a car.

Car Insurance Companies and Statistics

Comprehensive car insurance companies do not make up figures by guesswork but rather look at the history of accidents and what caused them. Moreover they look at who caused them, and it is well known that drivers that suffer from an ongoing medical condition are more likely to react poorly if their condition flares while operating a car. A driver who suffers a heart attack while operating a motor vehicle is much less likely to regain control of the car and therefore is presenting a much greater danger to other drivers. Insurance carriers obtain all medical evidence that is included in a police report, and over the years have come to realize that drivers who are handicapped by an illness or medical condition that could cause a loss of motor control are among the highest risk category.

This does not mean that an insurance company will not insure a driver who has a medical condition. Many carriers structure their programs with this in mind, because they still want to issue as many policies as they can. Much like a bank that wants to approve as many home loans as possible, an insurance company will try everything possible to structure its business so that drivers with medical conditions can still be offered a policy that the majority can afford.

High Risk Drivers and Insurance Shopping

There is only one way to properly shop for insurance, and that is to compare what is offered by a number of different companies. Those with existing health conditions that could affect their premiums may want to ask a friend or neighbor who also is considered high risk and find out what company they are using. Another strategy is to check with the Automobile Insurance Assigned Risk Plan, available in all 50 states. They are usually very helpful in helping individuals that need auto insurance with a preexisting medical condition.

Some drivers who have a poor history concerning tickets or have a DUI on their record are ordered to use this option, because all states must guarantee the availability of coverage. Persons with medical conditions may also be ordered to obtain insurance using this plan, but even if not ordered to do so, this is an option worth checking out. The rates may be higher than expected, but liability coverage is assured.  Be sure to collect a few free quotes online so that you can quickly compare prices available from the comfort of your home.

It’s Always Possible to Get Car Insurance with a Medical Condition

There are also non standard auto insurance companies that have policies available if you fit the necessary criteria to qualify.  One example that fits the non-standard genre would be companies that offer cheap car insurance for veterans. The rates for liability insurance form a carrier that has a non-standard division will be lower than using the Automobile Insurance Assigned Risk Plan, but coverage is not guaranteed; these companies will individually assess each driver and decide if they want to take the risk of offering a policy. Many of the larger auto insurance companies have a non-standard program but do not necessarily advertise it, so drivers are encouraged to specifically ask about this option when contacting the insurance carrier.

Know Whether Your Medical Condition is Dangerous

It is not impossible to obtain auto insurance because of an existing medical condition, but finding the right policy at an affordable price is a complicated process. It is not the fault of the insurance companies that many drivers are high-risk, but rather a fact of life. Anyone with a debilitating disease or severe health complication can obtain the proper insurance coverage but must accept the higher premiums, which in the end protects all other drivers from paying too much. If you haven’t had luck getting car insurance with medical conditions, you should know that there is hope and that your condition doesn’t have to be a financial burden.

Remember, if your medical condition allows you to drive safely and you are not endangering other drivers, you can get as good of a deal as anyone.  The people that usually pay most are young male drivers, read about how tough it is to get cheap car insurance for young men… a lot tougher than most people with a medical condition provided that it isn’t dangerous.  Besides, you know better than anyone else whether you are a danger to yourself or other drivers on the road – use good judgment and common sense!

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