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Car Insurance For Drivers Caught Drinking and Driving

Car insurance for drivers that were caught drinking is difficult to obtain for most people these days. Whenever you get caught driving drunk, you are perceived by insurers as having very poor judgment. The problem is that most insurance companies do not want to accept customers that have had a history of being caught driving drunk on the road. If you have driven drunk before and got caught, you know how bad it feels and you probably know the implications that it has towards your auto insurance policy. Some insurers will kick customers that were caught driving drunk right off their coverage. In the contract with your car insurance company, there may be a clause that says you could get kicked off for not abiding by the terms (e.g. driving drunk).

Car Insurance for Drunk Driving Offenders

It is very tough to get good deals on car insurance for drink driving offenders because they have much higher risk than average. Even in comparison to getting insurance for young drivers, the price you will pay as a result of your drunk driving offense will be greater than pretty much everyone else. There is no need to panic though, you can always build back up your record and prove to insurers that you are a safe driver over the long term. Unfortunately, many people that have been convicted as a drink driver are going to get discouraged and feel like they should simply avoid getting an auto insurance policy.

You ALWAYS need insurance… don’t risk driving without it

Even though you will pay more than average for your insurance since you were a “convicted driver,” it is much more risky to go without insurance. If you decide to go without insurance and get into an accident, you could end up losing all of your assets. If the accident is serious and you are found to be “at fault” for it, the person(s) that you hit could end up filing a lawsuit and collecting from you. If you don’t have enough money to pay them, you could face jail time and you may be forced to file for bankruptcy; this could ruin your reputation and credit for a long time. It is best to make the decision to purchase some type of insurance; even the minimal amount is better than having nothing.

Car Insurance for People Convicted of Drunk Driving

If you got into an accident while driving drunk and injured someone, chances are that your risk is very high. No matter where you look for insurance, companies are going to ask whether you have had any convictions; if you lie to them, they may kick you off your policy when you most need your insurer to help you. The very first thing that you should do if you plan on driving again is to find a decent insurer that will accept you and your conviction. You can certainly look online for insurers, but make sure that you are working with reliable companies. Always be sure to contact them over the phone to find out more from one of their agents.

Be Honest About Your Conviction

There is really no such thing as getting cheap car insurance as a person caught driving drunk – so don’t think you are going to be able to find some ridiculously good deal on a policy just by looking on the internet. I know there are a lot of people that think they can get a good deal if they keep searching online, but honestly, as a drunk driver, if you come across a super low priced policy, it may actually be a fake car insurance company. Having fake insurance will get you into even more trouble than you’re already in – don’t make this mistake.

Never tell lies to try and get lower rates

With any insurer, be honest about your conviction as a drink driver because if you try to lie your way into getting a lower price on your policy, it could really end up hurting you sometime in the future. Do what it takes to get a decent insurance policy and you will get yourself back on track over time. Don’t rush things and assume that your rates are immediately going to drop, but as you prove to insurers that you can be a good driver, your rates will drop and your conviction will be less of a nuisance. Hopefully you learned from your experience of drinking and driving and are able to move on with life.

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