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Car Insurance for Disabled Drivers

Locating affordable car insurance for disabled drivers is not an easy task for anyone. This can be especially difficult for those drivers who are disabled. Some insurance agencies will not provide car insurance for disabled drivers because they feel those drivers are too much of a financial risk. Just like any company that deals in sales, insurance agencies like to see their clients pay money in without taking it back. The higher the chances are that drivers will not need to cash out an insurance policy, the happier the insurance agency will be. If a company does agree to provide coverage for a disabled driver, chances are the premium costs may be much higher than that of drivers who are not disabled.

Car Insurance for Disabled Drivers

So, what is the best route to go for a disabled person to find the most affordable auto insurance? As with any insurance, the prices may vary with different agencies. However, larger, well-known, more reputable companies are more likely to offer a better price for car insurance for disabled drivers. A small, locally owned agency may feel they have no choice but to charge an outrageous price for insurance premiums. These agencies are most interested in covering themselves in the event that an accident should occur. In fact, these privately-owned companies may completely deny insurance coverage to disabled drivers.

The best way to find agencies that offer car insurance for disabled drivers, is to start with extensive research (i.e. look up car insurance for drivers with medical conditions and disabilities). This can be done online so that you may compile a list of potential agencies to choose from. You may be able to find out from the company websites if they do in fact offer insurance to disabled drivers. Look for reviews of various insurance companies to see how satisfied other customers have been. Choose only the highest rated insurance agencies to add to your list. One option to keep in mind is getting non owner car insurance if you don’t own a car but drive someone else’s vehicle occasionally.

Finding Companies Offering Insurance for People with Disabilities

Once you have a list of several insurance agencies to contact, it is time to call them all. Ask the agent directly if they do offer auto insurance for disabled drivers. For those who do offer it, ask them where their nearest location to you is to come in and have a quote prepared on the type and amount of insurance you need. If they do have a convenient location, wait until you go in and see the agent in person to discuss getting a quote. If there are no offices in your area, ask them to prepare you a quote over the phone. You will need to fully explain to them what your disability is, what your driving record is, and your driving capabilities along with how much insurance coverage you want to purchase.

If possible, it is best to go to meet with the insurance agent in person to have your insurance cost quote created. This is not just best car insurance for a disabled driver, but also for all drivers. If the agent sees you face to face, he can have a better understanding of your situation. Once he has become acquainted with you and knows what your disability is, it may help you to get a better price on your insurance premium. If they feel that your disability will not hinder your ability to drive, it could save you a substantial amount of money. By just speaking to the agent over the phone, they cannot see your disability. Therefore, you may be quoted a standard, more expensive price that is given to those they consider to be a high risk driver.

Disabled Drivers Usually Qualify for the Same Discounts as Other Drivers

Another thing to consider if your automobile has been modified to enable you to drive it. If this is the case, you may be expected to pay more for your insurance. If your vehicle has not been modified, but you plan on having that done in the near future, be sure to find out what the regulations on auto modifications are for the insurance agency. This is very important because some insurance carriers may attempt to deny you coverage if their specifications are not met exactly. Once you find out what costs you may or may not have for any modifications you will be able to better decide which company will be most affordable.

It is also important to be aware of any discounts you may be eligible for. A disabled driver is qualified for the same discounts as any other driver. If you are a disabled veteran, you may even be qualified for more savings through military insurers (see the article “Car Insurance for Veterans” for more information). These can include a good driving record discount, good credit history discount or multi-policy discounts. If someone else in your household has their vehicle insured through the same agent as yours, you may be eligible for a discount.

Bundling to Save Money on your Policy

You may also want to consider purchasing your homeowner’s insurance at the same agency that carries your car insurance for disable drivers because this too can make you eligible for a discount. Doing a little research to find the best deals on car insurance for disabled drivers can really help you to save money. Taking the time to comparison shop can help you find the auto insurance you need at a price you can afford.

If you are still inquiring “How much should I pay for car insurance?” you may want to meet with a car insurance broker and see what they recommend. If you don’t do a lot of driving, you may not want to opt into buying a comprehensive insurance policy. On the other hand, if you really enjoy driving and know that you can navigate the road safely despite your disability, you will want to get enough coverage to make you feel comfortable on the road. Hopefully you find the insurance that you need and your disability doesn’t hold you back from enjoying the experience of driving.

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