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Car Insurance Coverage: Common Sense Questions To Ask Insurers

You do not have to be unemployed or underpaid to feel financially strained in our current economy. Consequently, most consumers are eliminating wasteful spending and they are actively shopping for services and products that offer the best value. Car insurance is one of those ‘items’ that people need to take a look at so they know whether they are getting good enough coverage for the amount of money that they are spending towards a policy.

Below are some common car insurance coverage questions that many people ask their insurers before they go out and purchase an insurance policy. It is really helpful if you know more about the way auto insurance works when you are a consumer. My wife was more interested in knowing what type of coverage we needed and what coverage we could live without when I first purchased a policy. Finding answers to a few of the auto insurance questions below can be a phenomenal reference point for anybody shopping for insurance.

10+ Common Sense Car Insurance Questions to Ask Insurers:

1. In California, car insurance is required by law. Is that true in every state?  What does this “basic” coverage provide? What would happen to me if I got into an accident and I did not have insurance coverage? (Knowing answers to car insurance accident questions will help you understand what needs to be done if you are ever involved in a crash).

2. Do all insurance companies treat driver “risk” similarly?  Is there any subjectivity? What hurts a driver’s record the most and what hurts it the least?

3. I have two teens on my policy. How do I make certain I am getting the best rate? Besides ‘good student’ discounts, are there other ‘teen driver’ incentives?

4. Is there a website or current (updated) booklet that gives ratings and car insurance reviews for various companies that I can look at? Important categories to keep in mind would be cost, claim response, cancellation policies, rate increase factors, senior citizens discounts, and overall customer care.

5. What adjustments can I make in coverage in order to lower my premium the most? Does it matter who drives what car? What is the premium difference between a car labeled “used for commuting” or “used for pleasure?” What car features cause the highest premiums? Are there any other “car features” that significantly increase your premium?

6. What is currently the most expensive car and the least expensive car to insure?  Would I benefit from having comprehensive car insurance coverage? Do insurance companies follow blue book prices to determine car worth or is there some other factor that helps them establish car value?

7. Sometimes, I feel like my policy sits in a file gathering dust until I get a ticket, have an accident, or become delinquent in my premium. Is it my responsibility or my provider to make certain I am getting the best value for my money or will they let me know if I’m overpaying?

8. How long will a ticket, accident, or DUI negatively affect my insurance premiums? Do insurance companies have a set formula they follow to assign or remove high risk driver status?

9. I have heard something about penalty points that are assigned to a driver’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) record. What are points and how are they given or removed?

10. Does it really matter who was at fault in an accident anymore? Do insurance companies investigate claims anymore? (Knowing answers to car insurance claim questions is extremely important – you want to make sure that your insurer has an easy process for their claims). If an accident is not your fault, will it still affect your premium? How does that work?

Ask Questions and Get Answers

Hopefully you are able to answer these questions before you go out and get coverage.  If you already have insurance coverage, but don’t understand the coverage that you are getting, be sure to contact your insurance provider and ask some of these questions.  Responses to these car insurance coverage questions will likely differ among insurers.  It is better to be equipped with some knowledge about the way policies work than be completely clueless as a consumer.

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