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Budget Direct Car Insurance Review

Budget direct car insurance has become more popular over the years due to the fact that this is a growing company. The Budget Direct insurance company specializes in selling not only auto insurance, but they offer policies for life insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, as well as travel insurance. In other words, they are an expanding insurance agency that wants to get as much business as possible. There are many questions that you will need to ask though, if you are considering getting insurance through Direct. If you are thinking about getting direct auto insurance, you probably want to know how their customer service is, whether customers have been satisfied with their coverage, as well as what type of coverage you can expect with this particular company.

Budget Direct Car Insurance Review

In this review of direct car insurance, you will be able to find out the advantages and disadvantages of buying your insurance through this particular company. Too many people focus on savings these days and are only concerned about getting low car insurance costs. It is never a good idea to focus only on the savings and price when getting insurance because even if you aren’t paying much money for a policy, you could still end up getting in trouble if you are underinsured in the event of an accident. If you do not have a reliable car insurance policy, this may be a company that you will want to consider. In case you don’t know which company I am reviewing, it is not “Direct General Car Insurance,” there is no “General” as part of their name; that particular company is completely different; so don’t get that company confused with this one – I know they have very similar names.

Like any insurance company, there are going to be many savings that you can take advantage of if you are going to buy your policy through this company. It seems as though every company is offering savings these days as a way to draw in more customers. If you read my review of ASDA car insurance and my other reviews of Halifax car insurance and Tesco car insurance, then you know what you can expect to read about. My goal as a reviewer is to highlight the important information in a way that helps you decide whether a certain policy is right for you. I am never going to make a decision for you as to whether you should buy direct car insurance; that is completely up to you.

Direct Car Insurance Policies

Standard direct car insurance

The standard direct car insurance policy that they offer has plenty of coverage. It will keep you insured for damage that is inflicted upon your vehicle and it will provide you with enough funds to meet the cost of damages to other vehicles if you are at fault in an accident. When you get this type of coverage, they believe that you should not have to pay higher premiums just because some drivers are higher than average risk. This is a company that specifically makes sure that they do not insure high risk drivers because they don’t want the premiums of all their other drivers to be expensive. To help save you money, they are going to turn down people looking for car insurance for convicted drivers and other people that are looking for import car insurance; they want to keep prices down.

It seems as though the goal of this company is to keep their overall risk level down. So this means that if you are a person that is looking to get coverage through them, but you have high risk, you may be turned down. Additionally, if you already have coverage through direct insurance, they may choose to turn down your policy for renewal if you do not maintain safe driving habits and drive up the cost of their insurance.

Maintaining a low risk profile is not easy for any insurance company to do, but this seems to be a company that takes pride in keeping their prices down and risk low. This means that people looking for first time car insurance may be turned down if the risk is too high for this company to handle. There are many other reasons that may cause this company to turn you down for insurance – so don’t be offended if you can’t get coverage with them, they are just selective with who they insure.

Comprehensive direct car insurance

Like most companies, they also offer a comprehensive auto insurance policy to people that want to get more coverage than they can get through the standard. This type of policy will give you coverage for more things like fire, theft, vandalism, and will protect you if you need modified car insurance for a vehicle that has been customized. On the website of this particular company, they show people that are interested in their policy that they have won awards and gotten solid reviews from other companies. Since these companies are lesser known, I do not know whether the reviews are reliable or not.

What I can see based on their policies offered is that if you get the comprehensive policy, you will be covered for more things; which is exactly what should be expected. For the exact details, it would be a good idea to get in touch with some of their customer support or assistants so that you can find out what you will be covered for in a comprehensive auto insurance policy versus a standard one. Obviously if you are just looking for a used car insurance policy, it would probably be better to get a policy that is less comprehensive (e.g. standard coverage) so that you aren’t paying for a lot of insurance on a low value vehicle.

Direct Car Insurance Quotes

Anytime that you are trying to get a quote from a certain auto insurer like direct, it would bet in your best interest to visit their website and find out what they have to offer; direct is no different. The best way to figure out if you will be able to get a good deal on your insurance price through this company is to go through with one of their quotes. In most cases, they will have you fill out several online forms which will determine your overall level of risk that you pose to the company. If your risk level is too high, they may give you a quote, but may end up not accepting you for their coverage as indicated by their website saying that they try to deal with people who only have low risk.

It is important to not assume that just because you get a low quote from direct – that they necessarily have the best overall policy and deal for you. There are thousands of companies to get insurance from, and chances are that if you take a look at some that you haven’t previously considered – you will be able to find a coverage policy that you are satisfied with. For the most part, though, most people that have gotten quotes from direct agree that they are able to get reasonable quotes for their policies. This company is known for offering solid overall coverage, so if you are able to get a quote that you think is a good price, it may be a good idea to learn more about their policies and consider one for purchase.

Direct Choice Car Insurance Benefits

Many savings for drivers

There are many benefits from getting direct car insurance because they give you many different options to choose from in order to save. For example, if you decide that you want to buy your policy from them directly off of their website, you will be able to get a 10% discount. Additionally, they offer things like paying $1000 worth of coverage for replacement keys and replacing lost garage door openers. Other things that you may notice are that they will replace your car within 2 years of purchase if it is considered “new” and you get into an accident in which it is totaled. So if you have a brand new vehicle, this company would probably be one you should take a look at because if anything happens to your car in an accident, they will likely pay for the repairs.

Paperless car insurance claims

They also offer “paperless claims” meaning that you won’t have to fill out a bunch of paperwork in the event of a car insurance claim; I’m not exactly sure how this works, but it sounds like a fairly nice feature for those who are scared of filling out paperwork or just hate filling out forms. I’m pretty sure this means that you just talk with one of their professionals and they take care of the papers without you having to write anything.

Flexible payment options

The nice thing about working with this company is that they give you the option of making monthly car insurance payments or annual payments; you get the final say as to which method works better. Since everyone is different and has different financial concerns, having the option of choosing how often you pay for your insurance is nice. Some companies do not give this option to their customers and force them to meet deadlines that they set.

Cheaper than average premiums

This company offers cheaper than average premiums to their clients because they work with low risk clients. When you work with a customer base that is lower-than-average risk, it is much easier to make money as an insurance company and thus, keep premiums lower than most companies. Some companies offer cheap premiums because their customers are getting less coverage, but that is not really the case with Budget direct car insurance.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the coverage provided by these insurers, you can get your money back within 3 weeks of starting a policy. In other words, you will have 21 days to try out the policy and decide whether you want to go through with a cancellation. Although it is tough to get a feel for a company within the first few weeks, if you have a bad experience with them and want to switch to a different insurer, they will let you. It says right on their website that they give people a 21 day money back guarantee; so take them up on this if you need to. In my opinion, it just shows that they are confident in their coverage to be able to give this guarantee; not all insurers do these.

More savings for customers

They also have a “price beat guarantee” – meaning that they guarantee that their prices can’t be beat for the coverage that they provide. They also claim to have no forms to fill out ever, as well as over the phone claims. They will give you a replacement car if you ever need one, and have what is called “smart cover” which includes things like: no claims discounts, restricted driver discounts, roadside assistance, and accident car hire services. There seems to be a ton of ways that you can save with this company if you are interested in their insurance policy.

Customer Reviews of Direct Car Insurance

Most customers on the internet through independent review sites are giving this insurer somewhat negative or average feedback. There are few overwhelmingly positive reviews, which definitely isn’t good. You can look up some reviews on the website “” and see what I mean. There are other websites out there that offer reviews as well, but this site analyzes about 100 reviews and the average review was about 2 out of 5 stars; it is hard to recommend a company that has gotten this much negative feedback from customers.

The people that did give positive reviews said that the main advantage of service through direct was the fact that they were able to get inexpensive car insurance prices. However, most also said that the customer support and phone helpline was bad news. Many also reported that this company did not deal well with claims, processing them very slowly. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether the advantages of working with this company outweigh the disadvantages that have been reported by customers.

Most people writing reviews about this company seem to point an ugly picture, but there are some people that have been satisfied with their coverage. You should take the time to consider them for your insurance and see what you think with their coverage. If you set up a short term policy, you can at least get a feel for them and decide if they are good to work with. However, I would recommend checking out other companies to see whether you can find some that offer as good of coverage and prices Budget Direct car insurance does.

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