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Budget Car Insurance Review

Most people that are looking to get auto insurance are on somewhat of a tight “budget.” The pun in the first sentence was intended because many people are turning to the company “Budget Car Insurance” for reliable deals and good prices on insurance. When it comes to buying an insurance policy, most people don’t even know about companies like “Budget” because they exist primarily on the internet. This particular company has grown larger in recent years and tries their best as an independent insurer to offer their customers low prices. They even have what is called a “price beat guarantee” – which means that they guarantee they will offer a lower price than any other company in the auto insurance industry.

Various branches of this company

Budget car insurance Australia – It seems as though the Australian branch of this company has drawn in a ton of new customers. They offer fairly low premiums and have been known for providing award winning services over in Australia. If you live in AU, it would probably be a great idea to consider this particular company for your insurance.

Budget car insurance UK – There is another, somewhat smaller branch of Budget auto insurance located in the United Kingdom. There are many quality companies to consider for your insurance in the UK and Europe, so it would be a good idea to compare Budget to other companies before you end up purchasing a policy through them.

Important coverage aspects to keep in mind

Award winning services – Their services have won awards in Australia for being at the top of their game. If you want a company that is trustworthy and has gotten good public reception, then Budget car insurance is certainly one to consider.

Price beat guarantee – They guarantee that they will beat the price of any of their competitors in the area. They have what is called a “price beat guarantee” so if you can find a cheaper price, bring it to their attention and they will work out an even better deal with you.

Comprehensive car insurance – They offer two subtypes of comprehensive coverage including what they call their “gold package” and their “standard comprehensive.” With the gold package, you will end up getting more perks and overall coverage. However, their standard provides quality insurance as well, so consider going with that if you want to save a little bit more money.

Easy claims process – They allow their customers to file claims directly on the internet, which saves them a ton of time and money. They have support and a claims service on hand 24 hours per day; so if you need your claim questions answered, they will be able to help you quickly.

Getting a Budget Car Insurance Quote

Probably the best thing that you could do for yourself if you are interested in this company is to go out and get some Budget car insurance quotes to see how they compare to other companies. This particular company provides plenty of savings opportunities (such as over 10% off for buying a policy on the internet) and no claims discounts. The customer reviews of this company have been pretty solid overall. One last thing: many people get this particular company mixed up with “Budget Direct car insurance” which is a completely different company – try to avoid this if you can; their names are similar, but their services are not the same.

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