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Securing the Best Car Insurance Rates For Young Drivers: Load Up on Discounts

Finding the best car insurance rates for younger drivers is no easy task for most people. There are, however, ways to save money on an auto insurance policy for a young driver. Several auto insurance companies offer discount programs for young drivers. Students maintaining a grade point average of 3.0 or higher are sometimes able to get a good student discount by showing proof of grades; this can help reduce, but will not find you the best company to get insurance through. Some companies also offer an education-based discount program to inexperienced drivers. Often this includes watching a DVD, completing a driving log, reading a book and taking a test, or a combination of these tasks.

Finding the BEST car insurance rates for young drivers

The vehicle being driven will also play a part in determining the insurance premiums or the “rate.” Obviously when looking to insure an older vehicle, you should look for a policy that is affordable, and that provides maybe slightly less coverage than would be necessary for a newer vehicle.  If a young driver is being rated on a newer, more expensive vehicle, it will obviously be more expensive to insure than an older model.  So keep this in mind if you don’t yet own a vehicle – think about how your purchase will affect your insurance rate.

If comprehensive and collision coverage is included, this can also increase the cost of the policy. The more expensive the vehicle, the more the coverage will cost and in some cases (depending on how you are financing your car), it may be advantageous to carry a higher deductible to help offset the premium. Most insurance companies or agents are happy to provide several quotes with different coverage options to help in determining the best scenario for the client.

Keep in mind the annual mileage of your vehicle

Another consideration is the use of the vehicle in terms of annual mileage. If the vehicle is being used daily to commute to school or work, it will likely be more expensive to insure than a vehicle that is used only occasionally for pleasure. If all members of a family are insured with the same company, other discounts are usually available. Most companies offer multi-car discounts if a family has more than one automobile insured. Multi-line discounts are also available if another type of policy is with the same company, such as homeowner’s or life insurance.

Discounts: Essential if you want the best rates

If you want to get great prices as a younger driver, you will need to do some research on the internet; the top rates don’t just magically appear on your monitor when you turn on your computer. Take the time to actually read some quality company reviews, and understand what makes the best rates for first time drivers (Hint: It’s not only the price that they offer).

Some companies also offer discounts for customers who have been insured with that company for several years. When these discounts are combined, they can often add up to significant savings for the client. The most important thing a young driver can do to get the lowest possible insurance premium is to maintain a good driving record. Obey all driving laws, avoid talking or texting on a cell phone, and adhere to any graduated licensing requirements your state may require. A clear driving record is the easiest and best way to get the best possible rate as a young driver.

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