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How To Get The Best Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

So you say you’re a new driver – congratulations; you’ve reached an important milestone in your life. While you may be fluttering with joy looking at your mediocre picture on that new driver’s license, don’t leap into your new wheels and go tooling around town just yet. There’s still one very important matter to consider: Insurance. Finding your best policy is a lot like finding a life jacket that fits just right. It can take a little work, but if you go about it the right way, it becomes an integral part of making you comfortable and safe behind the wheel.

How to Get the Best Car Insurance for First Time Drivers?

Make sure you don’t overpay

The most crucial rule of thumb in getting “fitted” for your policy is to shop around and get the best deal for your needs. Overpaying for a policy that doesn’t fit you makes no sense. There are so many auto insurers out there, all of whom have options tailor-made to whatever your situation. Many new drivers are students. Got good grades? Many companies will extend you a “Good Student” discount if your marks meet certain criteria. Also, ask a parent about their insurer if you’re a young person.

Ask your parents if you can join their policy

Often, you can get a discount if a parent or relative has their auto, home, or other insurance policies at the same place. Maybe you’ve long since left your school days behind and are now getting around to having your own transportation. Plenty of first time car insurance companies offer discounts to employers or to folks who work in certain industries like civil service. Some insurance companies will even suggest viable options detailed for you if you can provide them with this kind of information. In insurance as in all things, nothing beats a personal touch.

Type of Vehicle Affects First Time Car Insurance Rates

More expensive vehicles cost more money to insure

Of course, the type of vehicle you’re driving can also impact how much and what types of insurance you require. If you’ve taken out a loan to afford your vehicle, your lender will most likely stipulate that you have provisions for collision. Essentially, collision insurance is able to insure your property in the event of an accident. If you get rear-ended by someone talking on the phone, eating that really juicy cheeseburger, or generally not paying attention, an adjuster can help you get reimbursed for the loss of your property.

Know the value of your vehicle

Even if your vehicle is paid for, many opt for collision if they have a newer model car as the value may be relatively high. This is also always the most expensive option, and so is not for everyone. If you’re driving an ‘84 Buick Skylark Custom, on the other hand, liability only may be your best route. Liability insures the health and safety of drivers in the event of injury and is generally all states require for you to stay legally on the road. In between, many insurers offer comprehensive car insurance coverage, which can cover things like hail damage, windshield cracks, and other not-so-nice things outside of a driver’s control that can affect your precious ride.

Research and Read Car Insurance Reviews to Find the Best Company

So before you head out on your first Great American Road Trip, spend a day or two researching your insurance options. Depending on your needs, different insurers’ policies can vary by anywhere from ten to a hundred dollars a month in price difference and quality. Know yourself, your car, and your needs. Oh, and don’t forget to fill up the tank when that little orange light comes on!

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