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Best Car Insurance Company List (The Top 10)

When you are shopping for auto insurance, it helps to have a car insurance companies list (of at least 10 insurers that you can trust) so that you can compare quotes that they offer, as well as coverage, and types of policies. If you are looking to get the best value car insurance (or the most coverage for the amount of money that you spend on a policy), you will want to research as many different companies as possible and conduct a comparison. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t comparison shop these days and many of the people that don’t compare quotes end up paying higher prices for their insurance policies.

Top 10 Car Insurance Company List

1. GEICO – This company, GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) is famous for their gecko lizard in commercials, the cavemen, and the saying that “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.” They are worth checking out for your coverage and have been known to offer great deals.

2. State Farm – You probably have heard of State Farm insurance on TV commercials, radio stations, or have seen their advertising somewhere. They are the biggest automobile insurance company in the entire United States and have been in business since 1922. They insure more drivers than any other company.

3. Progressive – This company has gained a lot of attention through their advertisements with a saleswoman named “Flo.” Although she is somewhat obnoxious, she makes it clear that Progressive has customizable auto insurance policies for everyone and that they also keep motorcycle insurance costs low for people interested in insuring motorbikes.

4. Allstate – Allstate is the second largest insurer in the United States and clearly has a good reputation among insurance companies. This company works with Dennis Haysbert in its commercials and asks the question, “Are you in good hands?” Their advertising has a more serious tone, but I like it and think that they do a good job.

5. Esurance – When it comes to saving money online for auto insurance, Esurance is a company that offers very competitive rates. They do a lot of animated television advertising with the pink-haired female spy named “Erin Esurance.” They are a large insurance company and are worth considering for your coverage.

6. Nationwide – This company started out named “Farm Bureau Mutual” and changed their company profile name to “Nationwide.” They are the title sponsor of a NASCAR series (you may have heard if you are a fan). Although they offer a lot of financial insurance, life insurance, and investing services, they also do provide automobile insurance.

7. AAA – This company offers insurance services to people throughout the United States and currently have a customer base of over 50 million policyholders (not all auto insurance). They are a company worth considering to see how their car insurance quotes compare to other companies on the market.

8. 21st Century – This is a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance Group, but specializes in auto insurance. They sell car insurance directly to clients without going through agents. Farmers insurance is currently the third largest insurance group in the United States. This company was originally called 20th century auto insurance, but the named changed because it was outdated.

9. American Family – American Family has gotten very solid insurance reviews and provides pretty good deals on coverage. They work through agents, but I think that part of their goal is to make their services more personal; not as informal. They not only provide car insurance, but they offer life, health, homeowners, etc. So if you buy different types of insurance all through this company, they will likely be able to help you save if you bundle your coverage.

10. Liberty Mutual – This is a private insurance company that is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. They provide a wide variety of insurance services and have a significant amount of auto insurance customers. Liberty Mutual Group has clearly established itself as a powerhouse in the insurance industry.

Reviewing Auto Insurance Company Lists To Get The Best Price

In order to make sure that you get the best price, review some car insurance listings and read about more than just the popular companies so that you can get yourself the best possible deal. In the list of car insurance companies provided above, I chose 10 of the most popular companies that people go to for their insurance needs. There are way more insurers available than just the ones listed on this “top 10 car insurance companies list” that offer quality coverage; the companies above have stood the test of time and are well-known. Just because they are listed here does not mean that they necessarily will be the best. If you look around online, you can probably find a lot of places that provide you with a list of car insurance company/companies that are reliable and can offer low quotes.

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